Thursday, August 30, 2012

"It's a Post About Nothing"

Tam gets a Seinfeld post.  A post about "nothing."

On a somewhat related note (on account I'm pilfering other people's posts while I drive across Wyoming, South Dakota and Minnesota to move my meager worldly possessions), if anybody Cappy Cappites live on Hwy 212, contact me. I'm pretty much guaran-freaking-teed to be driving through your town!


Steffen said...

I live just off 212 in Watertown, SD.

Good luck in your travels, I'd probably buy you a drink or something if you stopped by in person.

Captain Capitalism said...

Hi Steffen,

I've driven through watertown about 40 times now!

We are totally getting a drink when I come through next time.

Shoot me an e-mail!