Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How To Avoid Job Postings That Are Already Filled

Now, now, Cappy!


Funny you mention that, because I DJ late at night in the South Dakota rave clubs as "DJ Seriouz Sinikal"

Get it??? 

The phonetic puns with the spellingz?

I am SOOO inner city hip hop kool.

In any case,  a report from our IT agent in the field.

Is it wrong of me to dream of a climatic battle between HR ditzes who can't do math and IT geeks armed with keyboards?


Amateur Strategist said...

I read the link and all the comments in said link, but I still don't quite understand?

Why do they do this? To get an ego boost from all the applicants? Or is it a way to... I don't know, what are they doing and why?


Jane the Grad Student said...

First, the disclaimer: I have never worked in HR (like they'd have me) or IT (no gottem tech-savvy). So I might be full of crap on this. That being said-- certain companies/positions are required to post their openings on some publically-available forum, either a clearinghouse like Monster or on their own website. So they do, even when they have already secretly pre-chosen Joe from IT for the position. I have no idea how prevalent this is, but I'm guessing it's rampant, and not just in IT.