Sunday, April 30, 2017

Why Isn't Socialism Working In Venezuela?

Because they hadn't thought of raising the minimum wage hike FOR A THIRD TIME this year.  And THAT will be the silver bullet the ushers in a whole new world of Venezuelan economic and global dominance.


Anonymous said...

There was no other-peoples-money to spend to start with.

Sorcerygod said...

Venezuela represents an ideal case of wishful thinking, that fat geese will fall, pre-cooked, from the sky, that cops will never have to carry Glocks, etc.

But the policeman is needed, the goose needs a pen and a steward, and truth needs a defender.

I nominate you, Captain Capitalism.

By the way, you're looking very debonair in the Get Out Of The Way Ladies vid. Are you trying to seal the deal with a kiss with female groupies?

LBD said...

If I am typical of our host's groupies ( 66 years old and married for decades) I would imagine our beloved Captain would just as soon give that a pass.

Robert What? said...

As I've said before, one can argue that Venezuela is working very well and more or less as planned. It all depends on how you define "working". If you mean giving liberty and economic opportunity to the people, then it is a miserable failure. But if you mean giving power and wealth to a small, corrupt "elite" while the majority live at subsistence level, then it is working very well indeed. It all depends on how you define your terms.