Sunday, October 14, 2012

Another Reason to Skip College

Ooooo!!!  How dare he not indebt himself to pay for aging, overpaid, blowhard professors!


Unknown said...

Hey! That kid is exactly the same age that I am. This gives me hope for my future where literally EVERYONE I know is attending college. America needs more inventors and entrepreneurs, not people that can blindly repeat the pablum that they learned from their sociology professors and other kinds of socialist left wing types and not question it.

Can't get enough of Tom Leykis by the way. Thanks for turning me onto his show. I purchased a subscription to Premium Tom and have been voraciously going through the archives and have been learning a ton from them. He's going to be a part of my afternoon staple from now. I heard one of the shows yesterday where he was giving advice to a dumb English major that thought that going to graduate school to study social work would earn her a lot more money and he even plugged your book too! He apparently dropped out of Fordham University due to the fact that he had to put food on the table and that he couldn't afford to go. Tom's certainly come a long way since then.

It seems like a lot of famous people I've heard of either never finished college or even finished high school in the first place. Other radio personalities I can think of that have made it big in the business who have either dropped out of high school or college are people like Anthony Cumia (of The Opie and Anthony Show, which I also listen to on a regular basis), comedian Jim Norton (the third mic and stand up comedian of the same show), and Adam Carolla. Norton was a former alcoholic, failed several of his classes at a community college in Middlesex County, New Jersey, lived with his parents until he was 30, moved into a dingy apartment with his comedian friend Jim Florentine, and now he lives in the Trump Plaza in New York City. Anthony didn't even complete high school and used to work in the air conditioning repair business, but is getting paid millions to say funny, dirty things on the radio. There are probably many PhDs that don't even come close to how much these incredibly talented guys earn.

Anonymous said...

The two best Canadian essayists are Mark Steyn, who never went to university, and David Warren, who quit school after grade 10. Both are most erudite.

Spencer Costanzo is a slow developer. The most brilliant computer person I know began his career at age 11 and was writing professional quality software by the age of 12. He is now vice president of a fairly large games firm in Seattle and Vancouver. He did obtain one university degree (brilliantly) but never finished graduate school. It would have been better for him if he had skipped university - well maybe, he met his wife in university.

To identify him to some, at the beginning of his career he wrote the definitive CoCo emulator for PCs.

Vicomte said...

To be fair, the people he works with probably had to go. He doesn't seem to have any skills, himself.

Probably file this one under 'Successful Parasite'.

allie said...

college was such a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

The next few decades are going to be a very interesting time.

We will either solve our issues and enter a Golden age, or we will take a massive hit requiring years to put things back together.

Society has become more accepting of things like casual sex, homosexuality, and feminist perogative.

This could change, and we could end up with a much less tolerant and accepting society.

This will become especially apparent once the higher education bubble bursts. This is but one crack in the foundation, and once it bursts, watch out.

Paul, Dammit! said...

I regularly need to employ tugboats to shove my oil barge around. Virtually none of them have anything more than an HS diploma, work only 26 weeks a year, and get paid around $700 a day. I'm going to guide my son into this lifestyle if I can. Aside from being a professional bumper-boat rider, there's no such thing as unemployment for licensed captains. Hopefully my kid won't have to pay $700 a month until he's in his mid-40's like moi.