Monday, October 29, 2012

Government Replaces Husband

It's not that hard to understand why.  The government doesn't beat you (yet, anyway).  The government demands nothing of you and holds you to no standard.  The government is your sugar daddy.  The government is your employer.  The government is your safety net.  The government can and will be your co-parenting partner.  The government will educate your children.  The government will take care of your children.  The government will take care of you.  And above all else, you don't have to have any of that icky gross sex.

Remember, this is what single women were programmed to believe:


Balzac said...

Amen brother.

Good blog.

Take The Red Pill said...

I sincerely believe that every self-proclaimed feminist who reaches the age of thirty and is still unmarried should be forced by the(ir) government to have a hysterectomy, whether they want it or not. That way they can have their feminist dream -- no children, no family, just their all-important career.
That way, they can work and work and work for the rest of their lives without any of the annoying distractions of a family life (which they find so repugnant when they are in their twenties).

Captain Capitalism said...

Feminists work?

Since when did this happen?

most of them I know PLAY at some cake government job, some non-profit job, live off of their daddy's trust fund, collect welfare or are in academia.

Not one of them does any veritable work.