Thursday, October 18, 2012

Engineering Prevents Stripping

Hey, just saying, you don't hear about "daddy's little girl who majored in electrical engineering resorting to stripping" to make ends meet.


Anonymous said...

Too true... Funny as hell... But still true...

Anonymous said...

Common Captain, NASALT (not all strippers are like that). I am deeply offended by you implying that strippers are educated regardless of what type of degree you claim they may have. How dare you tarnish these girl’s reputations by suggesting for one second that they have an intelligence quotient that could possible qualify them for another profession. How can you, in good conscious, lead your readers to believe that these poor incapable victims of the oppressive Patriarchy have other career options?

You are clearly a misogynist in thinking that women, who take off their close for strange men, do so for any reason other than personal choice, personal expression and personal satisfaction. This is how they take their power back from oppressive women hating men like you.

Don’t listen to the Captain Ladies…do what you love, follow your hearts and the money will follow…YOU GO GIRL!!

Besides, do you really believe the boss at that engineering job is going to give her the attention that she deserves? Buy her gifts? Pay her bills? Leave his family for her? Duh!? You are seriously deluded my friend!

Steffen said...

Vox Day said in a radio interview the other day that the quality of the women who resort to prostitution can be used as an economic indicator.

If things are good, there may be only a toothless older woman available. When you start seeing much younger, attractive women who normally have options resorting to that sort of work... Trouble abounds.

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon 757,

You just gave me an idea.


Anonymous said...

Yes; and engineering schools that use coop programs are especially valuable (and especially unlikely to see their students stripping). With a coop program, students graduate with work experience in engineering, and with contacts.

As for prostitution, and Steffen's comment, I have two points. The first is that my mother trained as a nurse in the Montreal General Hospital in the dirty thirties, and remarked that most of the many prostitutes who came in for treatment were fairly decent people. Typically they were supporting families, and often supplied the only income for their families.

The second comment is really a reprise of something that David Goldman wrote. According to him, several Islamic countries, especially Iran, are rotting internally, and in the case of Iran this is shown by the very high rates of drug use and prostitution among younger people.

Anonymous said...

I don't have time right now to listen to the radio show, but...STEM degrees do not prevent stripping. I agree they're worth more than feminist studies or African basket weaving degrees, but they're not worth as much as you think. That's how bad the U.S. economy is right now.

I've seen at least one story of a woman with an IT degree stripping due to lack of work.

Anonymous said...

An "IT degree" is the STEM version of basketweaving, fyi.

Anonymous said...

Actually we do a disservice to basket weavers. Weaving baskets is a fairly complex craft and produces something highly useful and often long-lasting afterwards. Most people don't realize you can have woven baskets that are able to withstand oven temps and are waterproof to 100 feet or so.

Really, they should have degrees in basketweaving, heh!