Friday, October 26, 2012

Free to be You and Me

"Because while Marlo And Friends were singing about how you could be anything you wanted when you grew up, I was looking around me at the time (mid-70s) and seeing that what most boys and girls apparently wanted to be when they grew up was DIVORCED."

It's pretty funny, but also serious.  I cannot relate because, first, I never saw the show, but, second, I at a very early age learned to distrust my teachers.  I was Calvin, I knew teachers didn't care, I knew they were the enemy.  However, teachers were not the only source of emo-gender-neutral-modern-day brainwashing that was shoved down my throat and so unawares I was still consuming the blue pill in other ways.  As you get older you see the brainwashing very clearly.

Regardless, read the whole thing because it does brilliantly detail and explain the true costs generations of both men and women have paid for ignoring our differences.

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Anonymous said...

But didn't you just LOVE the puppets on the video?