Friday, October 12, 2012

Target: Swedish Feminism

It dawned on me that just because something is politically incorrect here in the US, doesn't mean it's the same in other countries.  And vice versa could be said of the US and other countries.  Case in point Sweden.

Yes, feminism is alive and well here in the US, but it doesn't run the country like it does in Sweden.  You can speak out against feminism and marxism in Sweden, but you will incur the wrath of feminists, a kowtowed media and general public and social scorn. 

Enter the internet.

Say Sven is being oppressed by feminism in Sweden.  He can't say what everybody else is thinking. He'll incur too much of a cost, so he's just got to pay higher taxes and claim the emperor still has clothes.

But what's to prevent some loud mouthed American blogger to rip Swedish feminism a new one?  What's to prevent foreign attacks against domestic political parties, institutions and mafias? 


So to see if I was onto something and if this might work, I contacted our Swedish Agent in the Field to get an update on feminism in Sweden.  His response is promising, meaning Swedish feminism may be the guinea pig we try with this "indirect sovereign support" tactic:

Hi Cap'n

Correct observation, you can as an American speak about things which have no probability what so ever to be allowed into mainstream conversation in Sweden
I can give you a brief overview of the current situation. For the last 15 years or so, the feminist-mafia have increasingly imposed their views (and even some legislation) on society at large. Most men are at this point finding themselves either in the "don't-care, whatever"-camp and a few in the "haha, let's make fun of feminists"-camp. There is a counter-cultural movement that is gaining traction, which has lead to the feminist- and gender-institutions to scream loudly about "hatred for feminists" and a "threatening environment for feminists". This is met with backslapping from their own camp, and mostly sighs and "oh, just stop whining" from most others.

An interesting aspect is that there is a small but growing movement of male gender equalitarians - ergo men who are promoting the idea that feminism has now made men the "oppressed" group and men should get equal rights. Most of them are pretty beta-male, and they are joined by quite a few men who have lost custody of their children. Regarding the custody-situation, it is generally NOT as bad as in the US. In the case of divorce, the courts generally try to rule for 50/50 custody of children unless there are special circumstances (I suspect that swedish women are somewhat less likely to pull the "he's a violent unsuitable father!"-card, or at least it doesnt seem to work as well here).

So, generally the legislative situation in Sweden is slightly better than in the US. If we move to the relationship-situation on the other hand, I would probably agree that things are a bit worse.

The first thing one needs to know is that private life has become very politicized in Sweden. Everything is framed in "gender equality"-terms. We have politicians who want to make sure that men do an "equal share" of housework, and all economic legislation is forced to recognize the "gender inequality aspect". This has of course affected peoples relations. Older people seem to be generally less affected by the whole equalitism-creed (and are less afraid to acknowledge that the men do the heavy work, and women keep the house tidy). The last two generations, well, it's "don't oppress women!!!" for everyone....

Something I can say for experience is that "relationships" in Sweden seem to have very little "relationship" in them for many people. There seems to be lacking any deeper connetion with people, and everyone is a die-hard individualist, even in relationships. The whole "partner-manipulation"-game seems to be how most people think you have success in a relationship. There is something almost awkward about how people who are dating, or living together act in Sweden. First everyone tries to live up to the ridiculous "we are so in loooove, and lets show it to the world"-notion, and after a while couples just seem to consider themselves to be amoebas randomly attached to their partner. Sometimes it seems like people are just going through the motions because they think they are expected to. One thing that is noticable is that beta-males in Sweden are VERY beta, which probably has something to do with how society is at large. Alpha males are generally pretty loud and annoying, making the contrast even bigger (there are a few of us in between) The population at large seems to not be aware that there are fundamental differences between the male and female role (generally no one would like to admit that such roles even exist).

Maybe I'm a tad unqualified to speak about how bad women are in relationships, since I've actually managed to find a woman who is not the least affected by feminist nonsense.

But I can say with pretty high certainty that if it wasn't for her, I would likely be flying solo without any interest of relationships in general.


Anonymous said...

A Swedish - or even Western - woman totally untouched feminism? Right.

Ras Al Ghul said...

Alienation between the genders. . .

Gee, who would have seen that coming?

Good luck on your mission Captain.

Take The Red Pill said...

"...I've actually managed to find a woman who is not the least affected by feminist nonsense."

Yeah, riiiight! How many times have we heard THAT one before??

'Not in the least affected by feminist nonsense' -- until she's 'not haaaaapy', or she meets 'Jack the Jerk' or 'Peter the Player' who tingles her vajajay, or until 'The Bigger, Better Deal' comes along.

THEN he'll find out how much she's 'not the least affected by feminist nonsense'!

BAJ said...

I have two words for Swedish Feminists: Amon Amarth. Seriously, they are the most hyper-masculine death metal band that I have ever listened to. Check out their song Pursuit of Vikings to see evidence that feminism isn't completely dominant in Sweden.

Captain Capitalism said...

Amon Amarth????

What does that translate into?

(and advanced apologies for being too lazy to look it up myself).

BAJ said...

Amon Amarth is a name for Mount Doom in JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth. IMO it is a strange name since their songs focus on Nordic mythology. But whatever ... they are amazing!

Anonymous said...

This is a swedish antifeminist blog in english:

These are swedish language versions:

There are several other antifeminist bloggers in sweden. THey have gotten quite a lot of attention lately and both the linked to bloggers get invited to television debates and gets their articles published in mainstream newspapers. So Although radical feminism has a very tight grip on sweden, with loads of legal discrimination against men, the antifeminist movement has started to get more and better public attention than anywhere else I know about.

Here are three Norwegian antifeminist blogs:

This blog is also skeptical of feminism:

And this site by the same author is about masculinity and is in english:

Anonymous said...

"The band later changed their name to Amon Amarth – “mount doom” in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth legendarium "

Aeoli Pera said...


Compensation of this sort is usually a pressure-release mechanism. So I'm inclined to believe it's a testament to the dominance of feminism, rather than the opposite.

That is, Amon Amarth is an approved outlet for masculinity the same way rock concerts and raves are outlets for the pagan, drug-induced orgy instinct.

(Or maybe it's just preference talking. I listen to metal with a much higher tempo- August Burns Red and the like.)

Captain Power said...

Good Post Captain, from another Captain!!!