Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why Aren't There Giant Spiders?

So I was curious and I found out.

This concludes our pointless trivia of the day.


Anonymous said...

Enough Rumpleminze and there soon might be

Zorro said...

Galeodes Arabs

Google it, dude. I spent 4 years in Saudi Arabia. There ARE giant spiders, and they totally rule!

Zorro said...

Galeodes Arabs

Google it, dude. There ARE giant spiders, and they totally rule!

Captain Capitalism said...

Why you all got to get down on me and my Rumpie? have I ever done anything to you or your loved ones? Have I ever slandered you, mocked your or ridiculed you?

I am just a lowly economist, trying to make his humble way through this world and all I get is guff.

And from all people I get guff from my pressupossed loyal readers.

Anonymous said...

I really hate it when evolutionists try to get all sciency.

1. Spiders are small because othereise they would be big enough to predators to eat them? But the predators themselves are not so limited?

2. Spiders are small becaus their prey is even smaller? See "sperm whale".

3. Spiders are small because their exoskeleton can't support internal organs if they get bigger? "evolution" can make them bigger but cant figure out how to "evolve" internal support structures?

4. Small spiders fill a niche so there is no need for them to evolve? See theory of evolution and all life on Earth starting from single celled life with ZERO other predators.

If you believe that Mankind evolved from single celled life, then what is so hard about a huge spider evolving from a smaller one?

Zorro said...

Am I to believe that this is a reply?

A response?

Are you well?

Fuck your goddamned Rumpie. Grow a pair and respond like a man.

Steffen said...

Guff? I bought a small bottle of the stuff due to your recommendation.

It's pleasantly minty and 100 proof. I like it well enough, even it did remind me of my first spoonful of cough syrup. I recall wanting a second spoonful.

I still prefer a good whisky or a beer, but I won't knock you for your preference.

Unknown said...


Case in point; too much Rumpie ;)

Captain Capitalism said...

HA! I fooled you all!

it was Vodka today!

No Rumpie involved!

lousy stinkin' snarky readers!

Unknown said...

What you need, cap, is a bottle of Knob Creek Kentucky Burbon. I picked up the habit in St Louis, and I can still get it here in the Great White North, abet at 50$ a bottle. I can't help myself, it's that good.

daniel_ream said...

The answer to pretty much all zoological "why aren't there..." questions is almost always "the cube-square law".

Unknown said...

There are lots of giant spiders on Mars. Edgar Rice Burroughs told me so. It has to do with the lesser gravity.

They eat people, too.

falkenberg said...

@ Unknown & Cappy - try Old Pogue Masters Select