Monday, October 01, 2012

Today's Lesson in Entrepreneurship... brought to you in part today by Roosh (language warning).

I cannot emphasize enough how the mentality of "just doing it" is required for success.  Be it business, romantic or social ventures. Yes, you can do your homework.  Yes, you can think through the details.  And, of course, you should do these things.  However, all the planning in the world will result in 0% chance unless you pull the trigger.  And not just pull it, pull it repeatedly.

This isn't a slot machine that costs a price per pull.  You have limitless pulls.  It is your fear of failure that must be overcome.


Anonymous said...

"This isn't a slot machine that costs a price per pull. You have limitless pulls. It is your fear of failure that must be overcome."

Quotables like this are what keeps me coming back to the Cap. to the radio said...

I remember Quentin Tarantino saying that he had no Plan B.

When I went back to school at thirty nine, I knew I had no Plan B, either.
The fear of failure drove me because I couldn't go back where I came from.
I know too many people from there who wanted me to fail.
I had to succeed just to prove them wrong.

Maybe it's not for everybody.
I saw too many people just give up and accept that they were where they were and they were where they always would be.
I couldn't live like that.
I may have supposed to have been where I was for a while but not for the rest of my life.
I had something better to do.

Leap of a Beta said...

This is why I see majority of people fail. It's why people my age (27) are stuck in stupid jobs, swamped with debt, not using their degrees.

They're afraid to try when they have nothing to lose.

Majority of them took the safe choice of college. Majority of those got liberal arts degrees because it felt safer in college, not realizing the field they were going into is the opposite - all liberal arts are self driven and require risk unless you want to be a teacher in a swamped market. The women and emasculated men don't want to do anything risky or make sacrifices, so they work as a barista, server, or barstaff the rest of their lives while hating it.

None of them ever grow some balls, take a risk, and do something. Or they'll try once, fail but not lose anything, but never try again.