Thursday, October 04, 2012

From Our Mexican Agent in the Field

No, no no!  You can't do THAT!  Don't you know how it works!!???

Look, a disproportionate number of women don't want to take care of their own kids.  They want to outsource that to other (primarily) women.  While they in turn, disproportionately, major in social sciences where they ultimately end up taking care of other people's children anyway (schools, social work, non-profits, government, etc).  They in turn get a salary for doing what they would have been doing otherwise AND HAVE TO PAY TAXES ON SAID SALARY which they wouldn't have had to pay otherwise.  Yes it costs more, and yes the kids don't come out as good as they would have had a parent been at home, and yes the state is raising your children, and yes society's integrity is collapsing and the economy is tanking. But that's alright because the real reason we do this is for ego satisfaction and to claim you're independent and have a career.

Geez, how many times do I have to explain this????

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