Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nagging Begot the Nanny State

From a reader:

American women didn’t like their WASPs (they’re not getting mine), so they molded the men into women, albeit with a preponderance of testosterone.

The article is one that you should pour yourself a small glass of wine (not a long one, so don't break out the lounge chair) and enjoy this weekend.  My points/observations are few:

1.  Notice she is attractive.  Women like men, manly men, strong men NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY OTHER WISE.  In short, she is just more empirical proof NOT to listen to what women say and watch what they do.  Hot women like/marry/court strong, real men.  So suck it up, hit the gym, but most importantly stand your ground.

2.  Her concerns about men being feminized in this society are spot on.  I often forget just what a high percentage of the US male population has been pansified on account I hang out with and engage with manly men in the Manosphere.  I have little to no patience for sissy men, just as I have little to no patience for hallow, blowhard, self-proclaimed "independent feminists" (who ironically constantly lobby for more of my tax dollars to support them).  And while we here in the Manosphere view things from (obviously) a manly perspective, we often forget there are traditional women who have to suffer the craptastic selection of "men" that have germinated from 2 generations of feminism, single mothers, divorce, public school brainwashing and absentee fathers.  But, I largely laugh as it is a self-inflicted wound to most women.  The handful of traditional women I do feel pity for.

3.  Nagging is the BASIC, but MOST ULTIMATE AND UNIVERSAL SHIT TEST.  If you don't know what a "shit test" is, look it up.  If men cannot stand up against that first and often, weak test women are subconsciously programmed to throw at you, there is nothing we Jedi's of the Manosphere can do.  Do or do not, there is no try.

In Milwaukee this weekend for a wedding.  So you'll all have to read the above while I'm driving hither and yon.


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To Beget is to Father or to sire.


But you're not wrong, because the guy was really a ...

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Hope that wedding is in the outskirts of Milwaukee....