Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why the Soviets Banned Maps

My god.

What gets me is that today, I have to argue and fight like the underground AGAINST something so evil.  That society today is SO STUPID and SO IGNORANT they can't see that this is where socialism ends.

Communism IS the greatest evil perpetrated upon the human race.


Anonymous said...

An argument can be made that Islam is worse than Communism

Vicomte said...

Almost a Catch-22, that.

In order to leave the country, you had to ask, but asking meant you were insane, and therefore not fit to leave the country.

Daniel Correia said...

Evil is the denial of truth. What ideologies such as feminism, socialism, environmentalism etc. do is they deny the fundamental truth of human nature, claiming that it does not exist.

However, it does. A bee would give it's life for the good of the hive. I, along with every one else of sound mind, however, wouldn't even dream of giving my left nut to further a cause that's not my own.

Why? Because I am human. Why imitate the behavior of lowly bees and ants when you can emulate the behavior of great men who furthered their own cause above all else?

That's a task for the insane.
Viva capitalism! Viva freedom!

Captain Capitalism said...


Viva Pinochet!

sth_txs said...

" You needed to be prepared to show paperwork explaining why you needed to travel just to buy a ticket. Getting on a train or a plane to travel within the country was extraordinarily difficult. "

Hey, don't we have to show papers here!?!? Is this not something we made fun of in cliche movies about Nazis or Commies? Well, I guess travel is not 'difficult' as they had it - yet.

Unknown said...

Maoist Rebel News

His blog

I can't believe this guy is real. He lives up in Canada by the way and has never lived in either China or the former Soviet Union. In order to combat communism and socialism effectively, we have to debunk it on a purely economic level rather than this man's way of blaming millions of deaths on capitalism, etc. and fight back with unarguable empirical and historical evidence. This Jason fellow also has a beef with the Mises Institute.

Though I do support freedom of speech 100% and believe that this man has the right to say whatever he wants, even if what he says is logically flawed.

Breaker Morant said...

Captain, I know you don't like to read, but the Tom Robb Smith mystery trilogy cuts right to the heart of the evils of the Soviet Union and they are easy reading-being fiction and all that. They bring Clarissa's post to life in a way that nothing else can.

"Child 44" is the first one and the most necessary to understanding communism. The other 2 you WILL read if you read the first one. The other 2 are "The Secret Speech" and "Agent 6."

If you read these books you will understand how I view your question "If the Soviet Union was so bad, then why didn’t people flee?" as one of the most uninformed I have ever heard.

Pat Sullivan said...

I have stood on the border, looking beyond the Iron Curtain. It was something, I will never forget. On one side was Austria. The farms were buzzing with combines taking in the wheat crop. Every house in the village had a car. But looking into Hungary, there was nothing. No cars, no tractors,no combines, even the town seemed deserted. The Hungarian wheat crop stood there, awaiting a bureaucrat`s order to start the harvest. All the along the border were guard towers, attended by armed guards.
Their job was to keep people from leaving, using lethal force if necessary.
Seeing both sides face to face. Communism versus Capitalism. That was the best lesson in economics, I have ever had. Thank God, I was born into freedom and democracy.

beta_plus said...



Viva Pinochet!"

One of the things that drives me crazy about the left is that they still use this despite it being proven that Allende was an agent of the KGB under orders to destroy the civil institutions of Chile.


Captain Capitalism said...

It wasn't a question WHY didn't people flee as much as "how couldn't they flee" from a logistical stand point. I know people WANTED to flee, but didn't know to what extents the Soviet Union went to keep them there.

Breaker Morant said...

I didn't know about the maps thing, although I have worked on a college project(I was a Nontraditional age student) involving 1970's era Soviet topographic maps of the Middle East that were scarily accurate.

I would describe the theme of "Child 44" as how does a KGB officer who is just starting to doubt the system catch a serial murderer in a society where there is "No" crime and where the slightest official suspicion that you are investigating such-is likely to send you and your loved ones to the Gulag or to a quick death.

Anonymous said...

An argument can be made that Islam is worse than Communism

Not a very difficult argument to make. Muslims slaughtered 100+ million people just like the communists, but without the convenience of machine guns. When they take power in Europe, I predict millions more.

Breaker Morant said...


Article in the Wall Street Journal on the horrors of Mao's Great Leap Forward. Fits the general theme of Clarissa's post and this thread.

Tam said...

The book In The Gunsight Of The KGB is the true-life account of a guy who was a Soviet naval officer and professor who hiked out through the Caucasus mountains and across the Turkish border back in the early '80s. Good book, quick read. Recommend.

Artem said...

I lived in the USSR and must say thats only half true. Yes, it was hard to leave the country. But travelling withing was even easier than it is now (because it was way cheaper).

"Remember that one thing that you could never ever hope to purchase in the USSR was a map"
Thats total BS. We had all kind of maps in SU.