Thursday, October 11, 2012

Time Magazine Betrays Obama

By essentially handing Romney and Ryan the women's vote.


Bill said...

Guessing here that TIME is contemplating corporate suicide.

Unknown said...

Oooh! I just received my voter registration card! I can't waaait til election day!

K T Cat said...

Good Lord. It's like they want us to win!

Lee Scuppers said...

Didn't Ryan sperg out and let Dopey Joe AMOG all over him last night?

Imagine old fat Jack Nicholson in Ryan's shoes last night. How would he have handled Biden's disrespect? Very differently. Muscles don't make you an alpha male.

Tam said... least the five TIME readers left who happen to be women. ;)

TIME and Newsweek crossed the irrelevency event horizon a few years back and are racing each other to the the singularity of oblivion.

Much like the way the only people left watching CNN are in airport departure lounges, the only people left reading those magazines are in doctors' waiting rooms, perusing back issues.