Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Manosphere's Largest Political Influence

It is typically assumed that The Manosphere, as it evolves and gains steam, will somehow "counteract" feminism.  But the truth is we don't have such grandiose hopes or dreams of it bringing the universe "back to balance" in some kind of Jedi Knight sort of way.  Matter of fact we have no dreams at all, truthfully.  It is really just more of a visceral and self-respecting backlash against the communist tyranny cowardly and hypocritically disguised under the cloak of "women's rights."  Men don't carry out "crusades" of a political sort.  We just fight back our enemies till they don't bother us again and get back to enjoying our lives (feminists should take note of that).

However, I did realize something and was able to connect two VERY FAR apart dots.  And this connection made me realize just how much of a threat The Manosphere is NOT to feminism, but to the general trend and political movement of socialism, communism and tyranny.  A threat most liberals and leftists are completely unaware of. 

Most of you right now are thinking that this must go through the eye of "feminism=socialism veiled for women's rights attack destroy" sort of thing.  While that is true AND The Manosphere does fight against socialism in that way, the two dots I connected are much further apart, completely different, AND much more significant.


Black men, and by extension, minority men.

Anecdotal evidence started piling up as I entered The Manosphere.  Houseboy was an ounce of ingredient.  My readership being disproportionately black/Hispanic/minority was another ounce of ingredient.  And it wasn't until I saw some traffic coming from this that I realized I was genuinely onto something and my observation was most likely true. 

In short, black men are pissed.

Pissed at what?

How black women treat them.

And it is here that I must take the liberty of consolidating an infinite amount socio-political observations of millions of black men and hope that I don't miss the mark too much.

In short, black American men are further down the feminist rabbit hole than any other American male racial group.  Specifically, government feminist policies that, in short, replace the father and men with a government check.  Please point to me a community where government check replacing a man has been more successful than in the black community.  Single motherhood is the standard with 70% of black births being out of wedlock.  Politicians at the state, federal and local levels are all too eager to show how much they care for not just "heroic" single mothers, but single MINORITY mothers to garnish more votes and bribery money.  The results to anybody who has been paying attention is obvious.  Black men have literally been replaced by the government.  They have been discarded, they have been outsourced, they have been replaced by society.

But what is the cost?

Frankly, MULTIPLE lost AND ALIENATED generations of black males.

With generation after generation of black males brought up without fathers, who are taught they are nothing, who have nothing to look up to or mold themselves after, and can simply be replaced with a government check, can you imagine the psychological destitution and torment this wreaks upon a male psychology?

Furthermore, how do you compete?

"Compete against what?"  you might ask?

Compete against the politician who uses the trillions of dollars of taxpayer money to pose as the ultra-wealthy bachelor suitor you can never beat.  No one single man (again, regardless of skin color) can beat the politician who has access to trillions of dollars of taxpayer money and promises it to you and your children (as long as you vote for him).  No strings attached, no discipline or "father is the head of the household" necessary.  No, just "here's the money sweetheart, vote for me!"

Meanwhile black males are relegated (sadly, and I don't mean this to sound derogatory, but to point out the truth and sadness of it all) to sperm donors with nothing much else to live for. 

And you wonder why crime is higher amongst black males. 

The reason is there's nothing left to live for.  There's nothing great or better than themselves.  No wife, no family, no children, no future.  Thank you politician douchebag for stealing my woman, stealing my family, stealing my children and stealing my future.  What else do I have to pursue in my life?

Now, I'm not socio-psychologist.  But in my philosophizing and mental meandering I have realized that it is other people that matter the most.  Have the most advanced X-Box 360 game, nothing is more engaging, entertaining and mentally stimulating than another human.  Humans are dynamic, they are not finite or programmed like an X-Box and they conscientiously CHOOSE to spend their time with you IF they deem you WORTHY enough to hang out with.  And that is the TRUE proof or "reward" to another human being that they are worth something.  That somebody else "confirms" or "corroborates" that you are a worthwhile human being in the fact they spend their time with you.

Now ask yourself.

What kind of message do we send to the average black man (or any man, I guess) when we tell him that his intellect, his persona, his soul and his personality doesn't even compare to a government check.  That a piece of paper that warrants purchase of other goods is better than him himself. 

Well I'll tell you what that tells him.  "You're a worthless and COMPLETELY unnecessary POS."

We getting anywhere here now?  We starting to realize the situation here?

Now, my political conclusion or "epiphany" should be pretty obvious by now. 

Black (and minority men, as well as all men) have been completely screwed over by feminism.  However, in the fact that for all men a wife and (maybe) family is the ultimate, darwinistically programmed goal into their genetic DNA, many of them are waking up to the fact that modern day feminism is a bunch of bullshit.  Feminism is against a male father figure, it is against men simply being men, and it PREFERS to replace men with the government.  However - and this is where the VERY INTERESTING political ramifications come in - NO OTHER RACIAL GROUP has suffered MORE THAN BLACKS under FEMINISM which is NOTHING MORE THAN SOCIALISM DISGUISED UNDER THE RUSE OF "WOMEN'S RIGHTS."

So what do you think black males are going to do?

My humble opinion is that black males will wake up, if not (by evidence of the links above) they already have.  And the primary reason is because political socialism, under the guise of feminism, has destroyed anything for them to live for.  Socialists/democrats have taken away their would-be wives, and thus, their would-be children.  Socialism under the guise of "feminism" have taken away their families and thus taken away any sort of future for them.  And it is here that The Manosphere I believe has it largest potential.

Forget fighting feminism

Forget fighting against single motherhood.

Forget whatever feminist goal post we wish to destroy.

The true political influence of The Manosphere is that we delivered the red pill to black males (as well as all other minority males).

And can you imagine what would happen to the political dynamics of the US if all of the sudden all black American males started to man up and started voting republican?

It is here I believe that political bonds are stronger via gender than race.  If push comes to shove EVERY man wishes to have the same thing.  If the Chinese were to invade, a whole lot of racist blacks and a whole lot of racist whites would set aside their differences and repel the red horde. 

I ask why can't we unite to fight the much more serious, realistic and present communist feminist horde?


hanz said...

70% of black births out of wedlock?

The problem is this is a positive feedback loop. Something external will have to change it.

Positive feedback loops wont self correct.

TGP said...

Good analysis.

Cogitans Iuvenis said...

It isn't a great movie, but the premise, given in the first two lines of the wiki, are in some ways chilling even though it is tongue in check.

Stirner said...

Cap'n, I hope you are correct, but I tend to disagree. I think the biggest political influence of the manosphere is that it is something that has positive appeal for mush-headed teenagers and young adults who very much want to get laid. Game theory is the bait to them into the manosphere. Once here, they get exposed to the economic arguments, the HBD ideas, the anti-feminist arguments, and some reactionary anti-PC thinking.

The manosphere is making "the right" cool and - dare I say it - edgy. If you are not getting laid, have no job prospects, and wonder where the fuck everything went wrong, the alt-right has many answers to offer.

Anonymous said...

Black males delivered the red pill to effete whiteys! They were gaming and going their own way long before the education bubble began! They were hoarding gold while stupid whites were buying real estate and overvalued stocks.

They're successfully finding their genetic way out of a sinking ship, the failure of modern black women. White men are still underwater.

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon 306

And yet they overwhelmingly vote democrat.

Anonymous said...

I don't buy it. That is a cop out, and victim politics.

It is due to stupid, irresponsible behaviour. Boys, if you cannot offer your girl a better life than welfare...maybe you better sit down and have a chat with yourself.

And, if you are about to lay something that could be a potential welfare slob...maybe ya shouldn't!

JoeG said...

"I ask why can't we unite to fight the much more serious, realistic and present communist feminist horde?"

Its a question of trust. Believe it or not, we blacks are more afraid of you than you are of us. As a result, we don't trust you. You are right that black men are further down the feminist rabbit hole than anyone else, but we don't believe that it was the women by themselves who put us here.

They say you are judged by the company you keep. Many Manosphere blogs keep company with(and link to) Traditionalists and Conservative sites. My visits to those sites always reassure me that as a conservative-leaning black man, I have no allies. I remember that over at VFR there was discussion about whether or not blacks were truly made in the image of god because in the news black CRIMINALS were doing bad things. And over at Thinking Housewife I remember Laura lamenting the fact that she couldn't find children's books without blacks in them. Y'all sure know how to make a brother feel welcomed.

I am sure there will be times that all men can unite and fight for the common good. And maybe the bonds formed during such a fight will keep us as brothers. But initially it will take some doing for some of us to have faith that other truly do have our backs. If there is one thing that we sun-kissed types have learned from history: beware of white men bearing gifts.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that black men get shit treatment from black women and the gov't, but why would they want to vote Repub?

Right wingers are some of the loudest voices telling them to "man up" and support those baby mamas.

Both the left and the right support and enable the status quo but only the left is smart enough to at least pretend that they're friendly to black men.

I wouldn't vote Republican with your dick. Come to think of it I wouldn't vote for either side but that's another story.

some dude

Captain Capitalism said...

Well Joe G, I can't speak for the rest of the of the Manosphere let alone anybody else, but you got one white boy covering your back.

And I don't know what the VFR thing is, but whatever it is, any real man (black or white or whatever) in the Manosphere isn't going to judge you. And if they do, then they aren't a part of our club. And if they do, then to hell with them and point it out. More important shit going on in this world than you me and other people worrying about a mere chemical that results in different pigmentation in our skin.

Though, out of curisoity I ask. There isn't any place you are going to 100% fit into. I always catch guff because I'm "short" or "Irish" whatever. I let it go because I know most people are just ripping on you because they care. You sure it isn't the same? Bunch of guys just ripping on you because they actually do care?

In short, I don't trust anybody that pays me a compliment. But I do trust people who constantly rip on me and show me no quarter.

SM777 said...

I ask why can't we unite to fight the much more serious, realistic and present communist feminist horde?
I answer: Because feminism is financed and supported by the people who own the central banks. They print what the average sovi...err, Amerikan calls "money". They literally have an endless source of funds (ie. pieces of paper with strange symbols and a few numbers on them).

What for? Population control via the psychological sterilization of women, more labor competing for jobs in the workforce so wages can be lowered, to dis-unite Amerikan society which will help pave the way for open martial law. (Notice that I said "open"?)

JavaLover said...

@Joe G.

I myself am not black so I suppose that I can't 100% sympathize.

A few points:

If there is any hatred of blacks being displayed among the conservative side of the blogosphere, I think that the main cause is likely an *overreaction* to the insane PC multiculturalism and total hatred of whites that is seen in the mainstream media and culture. Kind of like a dam holding back a massive flood. I am not saying that I agree with it at all (I totally don't) but you have to look at it from the side of white men who have lived as second class citizens, facing affirmative action, massive taxes to support welfare ghettos, an *enormous* black crime rate, and constant demonization of white heritage across all mainstream culture, law, and institutions.

People are finally able to communicate via a (mostly) uncensored medium, and for years any attempt to criticize anyone black for any reason whatsoever would get you excoriated...I suggest a white person criticizes a black person on the job and see how long it takes to get them fired. A black person can be openly racist and they will be downright encouraged, much less punished in any way. What happens to any white person who displays even the slightest such tendencies?

I know what I wrote above could be seen as very offensive. However, if you want to know what is probably causing a lot of the apparent racism that you observe in the conservative side of the blogosphere, that is what I suspect is the cause.

However people of all races have been racist against others in history. Many blacks have discriminated brutally against many whites - take South Africa today as a case study in that.

So yes, there may be some racism, but the overwhelming majority of conservative folk do not hold to it at all, and sadly such maladies are not exactly uncommon to the human race across all cultures and races in history.

Hang in there - more whites have your back than you realize. The libtards wrecked the black community more than any other, and the operative point is we all have to unite against them on the basis of the truth and not our skin melanin content. Those hatreds have to be let go of...but that will be hard for a lot of people

Anonymous said...

"Racism" exists before race. In most monocultural societies, the different classes are distinguished by accent (which is, of course, partly physical, but not really in the racial sense). When people call Obama well spoken, they aren't talking about the veracity of his statements or even skill in execution. They just mean he talks like a leader, but this drifts over time.

You don't put too many eggs in one basket. Societies invent races and classes and cultures because they never know when they can end up bottlenecked, and they don't want a complete loss. Right now, the bottleneck is squeezing the docile white beta male nebbishes, and the survivors have a bias in the opposite direction.

Whether it's just a random zeitgeist or a planned, rigged event (duh) doesn't matter. Manosphere types value the reactionary counterpunch, not trying to change the game by voting Republican or whatever.

More than anything else, voting third party to "cost" the Republicans the election might be the biggest wake up call possible, for all sides.

Unknown said...

Hydraulic Oil Press
:) Thank you for share.

KimChee Shwarma said...

I'm functionally black though multiethnic as my parents are S.American, but I don't align completely with African American political ideology for cultural and personal reasons . I stuns me that even white men see what's up. I applaud you Capt. for putting it out there.
I will say though that black men in America are to blame for their plight. Having irresponsible sex and abandoning the to their children mothers is the problem. Those mothers then place that hurt onto their kids.
I've gone through 3 divorces with my mom and it sucks. She acts like a friggin ghetto queen now: "and I'm gonna get all the money on yo EBT", even though she's not American. She calls me worthless and a bitch about every other day. I stay out've convenience until I enter the service next month. Now when, I truly realize the importance of a positive male figure i realize that I have to make my own way and tune out the words of my mother because, well, she's a woman.
I watch most of the black women in this city and I can see that most of them come from broken homes and frankly, I don't want shit to do with her, just the pussy.

Anonymous said...

You might also consider the draw that Islam has to black men, and the anti-feminist nature of sharia law.

vandiver49 said...


Excellent post, especially since black men are essentially the 'canary in the mineshaft' for society. In the 60's, before the implementation of the Great Society, Daniel Patrick Moynihan noted the crack that were appearing within black families. His solution was to use 'benign neglect' knowing that any attempt to correct the problem via gov't would lead to the disastrous results we have today.

It's not simply a low income issue as well. You think 60/40 white male to female college rates are bad, try 70/30 for blacks. In ATL the supply of SBF is so great that if your game is tight enough you can maintain a harem of 3-5 women.

Yet for your dots to truly connect the gulf of mistrust that Joe G. described must be bridged. White men remain THE MAN in the eyes of many blacks. It doesn't matter if you (the Manoshpere) would categorize the establishment as mostly white knights and manginas. By standing by and letting laws be applied unevenly due to race (drugs and criminal prosecution). WHITE MEN are seen as the ones handing out the gov't checks and creating the ruinous family law.

The solution is going is going to require acceptance of 'the paradox of decency.' Which is simply acknowledging that to have a functioning decent society, some amount of indecency is required. Men have to unique ability to not give a s**t about someone else's opinion or whether they are liked. What's important is that said opinion doesn't obscure the overall mission, in the case, helping men find themselves in the 21st century. That's why I'm in the manosphere, in spite of the WN attitudes that can sometimes appear on various sites. Because I believe the mission is worthy.

Don T Tread said...

I don't know that the bribes of "free stuff" and racial preferences will ever be overcome by the simple, powerful, red-pill truth that progressivism/Marxism/feminism has destroyed the African American male. I'll never understand how the party responsible for the KKK and Jim Crow now portrays itself as the party for black people, and the party founded on freeing the slaves now somehow wants them "back in chains." I do believe that racial differences are more than skin deep - Morgan Freeman's Into the Wormhole was even brave enough to take a serious look at the topic considered a pc taboo - but if we could unite as men, that would be a great thing. Unfortunately, men seem predisposed to kill each other in large quantities over stuff or pussy, or in the mistaken belief that their sacrifice will earn the love and respect and honor of the fem-centric society.

Anonymous said...

"If the Chinese were to invade, a whole lot of racist blacks and a whole lot of racist whites would set aside their differences and repel the red horde."

Would they? Or would they forge an alliance with the Chinese. What is their stake in defending, with their lives, the status quo?
The Roman Empire saw plenty of citizens willing to do business with barbarian invaders.

beta_plus said...

Sadly, there is simply too much animosity between white and black males for this to happen.

I though Barack Obama's election would allow both sides to make concessions (yes, drag out any old crimes you want to make your side look better, but both sides do need to make concessions), but the exact opposite has happened.

Mark said...

Black women are definitely the biggest beneficiaries of the welfare state. Black men benefit less but they still benefit some which is why they mostly vote Democrat. The most shiftless black guys with no jobs benefit the most because they can go around and impregnate a bunch of black women. If the black women knew they had to support their own kids without the government, they would be more selective and look more for the the provider type. So the welfare state hurts the hardworking black guys with decent paying jobs. I work with some guys like this so I know they exist. The Republicans could pick up some of the votes of this group if they can avoid being seen as the racist white people party.

JoeG said...

Thanks for the support Capt. and I'll have your back and any other man who wants to fight as brothers. As to the judgement of other, I have no problem with that so long as I am judged fairly. Honest criticism helps make a man stronger. As to people "ripping" on me because they care, I don't think that the case when they question your worth as a human being or try to exclude based solely on your skin color.

@ Lavalover
I understand the points that you bring up. Hopefully with more open and sincere discourse we can work past our differences. Or we can all just get drunk one night, have it out once and for all and call it even. From this black man's standpoint the major test as to whether or not we can resolve our differences comes down to work and pussy. If I am deserving, will you hire and promote me as opposed to someone else that you "feel more comfortable with"? If I happen to screw your sister, will you not get TOO mad. If you answer yes to both, then we have a chance.

@Kimchee Shwarma
"I watch most of the black women in this city and I can see that most of them come from broken homes and frankly, I don't want shit to do with her, just the pussy."

Be careful, that the mistake that so many "irresponsible" black men, they look for good pussy instead of a good woman. The modern woman realizes that most men (regardless of race) will accept pussy as a substitute for true femininity and grace in exchange for male investment in her life. So that's what she offers since the non binding nature of that arrangement (ie socially acceptable prostitution) allows her the freedom to pursue her other self-serving interests. Frankly, I would rather just pay a honest whore the dollars or abstain from pussy altogether until I find a good woman. I have tried all three arrangements and I think I prefer abstinence. It makes me feel stronger when I can tell her and my own urges NO. Besides, its up to us to make sure that pussy doesn't become the coin of the realm. For if pussy is the coin of the realm, then all women are millionaires and all men are paupers

"I don't know that the bribes of "free stuff" and racial preferences will ever be overcome by the simple, powerful, red-pill truth that progressivism/Marxism/feminism has destroyed the African American male."

I am too am severely disappointed with the female victim-hood mentality that so many black men have adopted. I prefer to fight (ie earn) mine. It just feels good. But i do believe it can be overcome, because almost every man loves a good fight. Just so long as he believes he has a fair chance of winning.

"Would they? Or would they forge an alliance with the Chinese. What is their stake in defending, with their lives, the status quo?"

We were there in WWII. We were there in Vietnam. We Were there in the Gulf. We were there... We were there... and we WILL be there. This is our country too.

"The Republicans could pick up some of the votes of this group if they can avoid being seen as the racist white people party."

The irony is that most black I know (excluding the shiftless type) support republican ideology, they just don't support republicans.

Finally, if we can get back to the old values of being honorable men and being strong men then the feminists don't stand a chance. Men in all things, first do what is honorable, then do what makes you stronger.

Honor and Strength my brothers
Honor and Strength.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that black men will ever vote for the Republican Party (in it's current form) in great numbers, but one can dream I guess.

Igniss said...

"And can you imagine what would happen to the political dynamics of the US if all of the sudden all black American males started to man up and started voting republican?"

While your post is great and you make many good points, I don't think voting republican is the solution. Dalrock frequently details quite well how conservatives, especially "traditional conservatives", have gotten onto the "man up" train along with everyone else. We are simply too far gone. I feel that we would need the emergence of a new national party that combines a moderate economic policy (so that it has wide appeal) with red pill truths.

But then again, I guess you could say that we could just elect Republicans and let them cut everything, hoping that single mother paychecks are among that. Still, I don't have a lot of hope for that.

Doug said...

Great analysis, CC. Think of any political figure on the left - be they a black male civil rights leader, a white male liberal, or a female gender studies professor - they all must publicly bow down to the mythical strong beautiful black women of societal lore (all the while privately running through a harem of black women for their pleasure - think any modern day civil rights leader or Bill Clinton). The hypocrisy is palpable.

Can't agree with the vote Republican (at least the current mainstream) - they defend the welfare state as much as any centrist Dem. And worse - instead of repealing the government programs and social engineering that has fucked everything up, they want to replace it with their own form of right-wing social engineering and federal government programs.

Anonymous said...

Dating "advice" for black men from a black woman.

It doesn't get any bleaker than this

Peacemaker said...

Great article. I wrote something similar a while back (nowhere near as detailed as yours) describing how feminism and socialism increase female indepedence and hypergamy, leading to ostracization of black men by their women. If this trend continues, other races aren't far behind. I hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

JoeG is me and I am JoeG... there is so much of what he says that I agree on. It can be rather lonesome on the more conservative side of things as a 'redpill' Black man.

Someone mentioned that black men vote Democrat. That isn't really that true. Most black men simply don't vote.

The black community is severely bifurcated between the educated elites who are VERY liberal and pro-feminists, and the downtrodden masses, who are virtually pulled on a string by the elites and who suffer from their policies.

Captain Capitalism said...

Damnit JOe G,


This is like the 5th word I've had to look up from commenters today.

Did you all hatch a plan so I spent an hour looking up hoity toity intelligent words?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that in discussions of how awful single-motherhood is, no one brings up the fact that a lot of women are raising their kids alone because the father abandoned them?
Also, mass incarceration is a pretty big contributing factor towards single-parent black families.