Sunday, October 07, 2012

MSM Members Do Not Make Great Economists

If every local business could add just one more job, imagine the difference we could make for the hundreds of service members and veterans looking for work.

Ug, seriously?  Do I have to explain this?

OK, for the freaking genius at KSTP that drummed up this idea, please listen to me.

This is about as intelligent and effective as those moronic college students who occasionally come up with that brilliant idea we all "boycott big oil" on a specific day.

Do any of you idiots in the media study economics?  Hell, do any of you think?

Businesses are not in the business of creating jobs for people, veterans or not.  Businesses are in the business of MAKING MONEY.  AND I WANT YOU TO LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY TO THIS NEXT SENTENCE:




I don't care what they taught you in  "J-School" about kumbaya and socialism and diversity, in the real world the only reason jobs exist is because there is profit to be had for investors willing to embark on such a business venture to increase their profits and increase their standards of living.  Businesses will create jobs when demand calls for it.  Businesses will create jobs when there's profit in it.  Not because some moron at KSTP had an idea on par with a 4th grade simpleton.

So to publish this childish, idiotic tripe of "if every business in American just added ONE MORE JOB blah blah blah blah blah" shows you are either galactically ignorant about economics or are just being disingenuous and using this as a marketing ploy to raise KSTP's profile. 


Thomas Smith said...

In another variant of this rant I'd add the my dad and I worked harder to FAIL at small business than I've ever worked as an employee in my life. I'd like to ask the socialist enclave if they're willing to work for a year on beans and cornbread just for the honor of employing someone else? or if, having worked theiir asses off to succeed they'd like to hear about what they "owe" to the community, the working class, etcetera?

Steve Adams said...

Imagine if every bureaucrat in the US took a 8% pay cut and the businesses that paid the taxes got the money back? 1.6 million jobs at $50kper year. What do you say bureaucrats? Sign up to support the veterans!!!

Dave said...

My Catholic cousin once said it's a sin not to give someone a decent job at a decent wage. To which I replied that I must be the biggest sinner ever because 300 million Americans get no paycheck from me. Realizing he'd never created a job either, he took back his words.

It's like giving women more rights to lord over their husbands and then wondering why women can't get married anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Hubbard Broadcasting and affiliate companies could put their money where their mouth is a hire a few dozen veterans.

Normally, KSTP is not as brain damaged as this.

lelnet said...

If every small business COULD AFFORD to add just one more employee, imagine how much better the job market would be. And how much more stuff we'd have. 'Cause, you know...more people making stuff and doing stuff, instead of sitting on their butts.

So we really ought, as a matter of simple morals, to get busy CUTTING THEIR TAXES, and ELIMINATING STUPID REGULATIONS. 'Cause trust me...if they're still in business at all nowadays, they've got to enjoy what they're doing. They want to do more of it. They WOULD do more of it, if the government didn't keep scaring them away.

Glad To Be MGTOW said...

Dave: "It's like giving women more rights to lord over their husbands and then wondering why women can't get married anymore."

They don't bother wondering about it, because NOTHING they do is ever wrong, and the problems that exist are NEVER, EVER caused by what they do.

It's ALWAYS men's fault, or the patriarchy's fault.

Just ask any of them.

Anonymous said...

If the employer wants to make a profit and will refuse to engage into a business relationship with a potential employee unless he profits from the said employee, imagine that from the employee's perspective instead of making a profit he makes a loss.

He is being paid less in money than what his work provides in real wealth.

Therefore, to be an employee is to be owned and from a profit motive capitalist perspective, it would be more profitable to die right now than to work 30 years for a paycheck.

I'd rather eat straight oatmeal and walk in the blistering cold and live a short life than become an employee or meet with HR people again.