Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seeking Advice from Women

Worst advice I EVER received from anybody when it came to dating girls came from my mom.  Some of the zinger of gems she provided me was:

1.  Women don't like jocks.  Yuck, gross, who likes those sweaty guys.
2.  Women like nice guys.  Be nice to a girl, be kind, be her friend.

and when I got stood up by a girl I was really looking forward to going out with back in college, she said,

3.  Well maybe she got hit by a truck.

Which is why Roosh's advice is not just hi-freaking-larious, but it is also true.  You do NOT listen to a woman when it comes to seeking out advice about dating women. (language and crassness warning, file complaints elsewhere)

While Roosh does hit on some of the main reasons why this is, there is one that stares us all in the face, but we don't see it:

How many women does the average woman date?

The real reason you should NEVER listen to a woman about how to go about getting a woman to like you or go out with you is because most women never try to date women.  It would be like asking General Patton how to write poetry or Barack Obama on how to grow an economy.

The people you should ask advice from when it comes to dating women are the world's best experts who have billions of years experience in the field.



Elijah said...

hrough a Glass, Darkly isn't too bad.

Anonymous said...

Asking normal women for advice on ANY topic is beta. You're acting like she's the authority. So of course she'll tell you how to be a loser, because she thinks you are one.

NAWALT - I'd ask Tam about guns and expect a serious response (intellectually serious, not unamusing). But most female gun bloggers, I wouldn't, even if I were sure she was objectively better informed than I am.

Also, btw, I hear women don't like asking men for advice either, for different reasons. And I've certainly enjoyed life more since I resolved never to give them any.

Zorro said...

Read "A Genius for War," by Carlo D'Este. It is one of the best biographies about General George S. Patton.

Patton wrote poetry. Did you see the film with George C. Scott and recall the part where Patton is reciting "Through a Glass Darkly?" Patton wrote that.

Unknown said...

Actually I noticed as far back as middle school that lots of girls don't like athletes and do consider them stupid. On the other hand, I also found at that time there is such as thing as too nice of a guy. Even the other guys didn't like them.

Anonymous said...

100% true. What's worse is that they don't admit that they don't know, but instead use the conversation for ulterior motives without actually telling you.

My favorite non-advice of all time was the admonition to "be confident!" It's useless until you add the real rest of the sentence: "be confident by completely mastering a socially-valuable skill to the point where you can impress total strangers at will". Or something like that, I really don't know for sure. At least that's doable, as opposed to faking it 'till you make it, which gets really painful if you're reality-based enough to think about what all the rejections mean.

August said...

Yeah, the women who are trying to date women dress like thugs and/or athletes.
I once ended up amid a passel of lesbian college students getting ready to go out for a night of partying. The level of aggression was astounding. It didn't look like the start of some scene out of a movie- it looked like the butch girls were talking trash and about to punch the girls they were interested in in the face.
So, what they do when they want women pretty much proves game advice. Especially since it seemed to be working.

Anonymous said...

It is an interesting commentary on life that mothers take the side of their gender over the side of their sons. But I suspect it is because they really do not understand life and when they are asked for advice they simply parrot the advice they have heard without putting any effor into comparing that advice with their own experiences and observations.

Sure, A woman had dated zero women, but they have been on plenty of dates as a woman. They know what attracted them to men, but they might not be willing to admit that to their sons.

Anonymous said...

To quote Gordon Lightfoot,

"That's what you get for loving me
Well everything you had is gone, as you can see
That's what you get for loving me

"I ain't the kind to hang around
With every new love that I've found
Moving is my stock in trade I'm moving on,
I won't think of you when I'm gone

"So don't you shed a tear for me
I ain't the love you thought I'd be
I've had a hundred more like you, so don't be blue
I'll have a thousand 'fore I'm thru".

Mutnodjmet said...

I would add one proviso: Men...who like women.

Just as I would advise someone interested in how better to approach men -- ask a woman who likes men.

Dave said...

Your Mom was probably over 45 and emotionally mature when she said that. If that's the type of woman you're looking for, Mom's advice would serve you well.

OK, Mom, what sort of guys did you long for when you were 16? She either doesn't remember, or she's ashamed to admit the truth.

Anonymous said...

My younger brother once said out loud what we probably all have finally noticed; "They know as soon as they see you if they're going to screw you. Don't sweat it, don't spend a lot of time and effort chasing it, and don't worry about one saying no. Just smile and move on."

Sadly, most of us don't look like he did.

allie said...

Some moms really are awesome and give good advice. I think women do like athletes, as long as they aren't brain dead.

Anonymous said...

women have no evolutionary reason to cooperate with each other. women do not view themselves as being on a team with other women. they view other women as threatening to their own goal of building up a stable of men who's resources they can tap into at will. there is no comparative advantage to cooperation between women. ever heard this line from a woman, "i don't have many girlfriends, i get along better with guys"?

Anonymous said...

George S. Patton was a poet.

Mike James