Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Episode 61 of The Clarey Podcast

The "Three Hour Podcast of Hell" which includes:

How back to school sales ruin kid's summers
English teachers have rarely written anything of literary worth
Test your IQ!
A review of Wolfenstein NWO
A review of Sin City 2
How I'd murder Steve Balmer
"I'm Majoring in Reconciliation"
My enemies were the key to my success
When Cappy read the riot act to a real life high end whore (and paid the price)
And Aaron takes down a sanctimonious single mom like no other

and more in this episode of The Clarey Podcast!

And for you communists posing as "Apple Product Afficionados" you can find The Clarey Podcast on Pravda errr....uhhh....ahem...."iTunes" as well.


Adam Lawson said...

We're supposed to listen to that Minnesota accent for *three hours*?? (... "He asks, as the mp3 downloads.")

Kristophr said...

What's wrong with whores?

They are just undercutting the feminists, and actually delivering the goods.

Anonymous said...

Get ready to laugh.


Vader999 said...

Pravda is actually owned by Conservatives now.....
Kind of a sign of victory for us.....

Anonymous said...

The topic index is very helpful, thank you. You might grab extra listeners if you put timestamps on when each topic starts. Just a thought.

Cristina said...

Is that a clip from the Guns of Navarone at the beginning?

Anonymous said...

do more drunk podcasts were u ramble more, they are of a higher quality than your regular podcasts, and i've listened to all of them (the reason why i listen is because i like hearing you spew hate on everything and tell it like it is and why this society is fucked)

they say there are 3 types of people who tell the truth: children, drunks and angry people

2/3 isn't bad at all (plus u watch cartoons a lot anyways)

Anonymous said...