Sunday, August 24, 2014

We Don't Need No Stinking Fathers

You just have to read the last question.

By all means gentlemen, please be absent in your child's life.  We need a constant supply of strippers, porn stars, and escorts.  And ladies, please, by all means, choose men to procreate with that will be absent in your daughter's life.  We need her to grow up insecure and with daddy issues so that we don't have to work too hard to get some play.


Ra's al Ghul said...

Its not just that they chose men that will be absent.

They often actively try and keep the father's away

Richard Cranium said...

Such a lovely girl I'm sure her dad's proud. Oh wait...

I almost feel sorry for the beta simp that's gonna finance the upgrades. I'll bet the house that he won't even get to test drive them.

Bob Smith said...

The government conspires with and enables mothers to eliminate fathers.

Take The Red Pill said...

It's sh*t like this that makes me glad I never married nor fathered children, and went MGTOW before there was such a thing as MGTOW.
When young men nowadays are questioned as to why they're not married or not fathers, they should point to this.

Remember: "ALL women say that they are not 'like that' -- especially the ones that ARE."

Anonymous said...

Cripes...Club 77. That place has always been known as a more "hands on" strip club.

I wish I could find the article, but about 5 years ago I read that human trafficking from outside Canada for strip clubs was not really a problem in Quebec. There was plenty of home grown talent to work the poles.

Anonymous said...

Usagi Yojimbo said...

Fake breasts are the biggest turn off I can think of outside of being fat.

Kind of cute, but the milage on her has to be in the mid to upper 6-digits. Off my list.

Goober said...

Fuck. Just...


How depraved. How little respect a person must have for themselves to become a human dumpster like that.

25 guys?

Where is she finding these guys? Where is THEIR respect for themselves?

Bunch of fucking animals.

Anonymous said...

Yeah just what the world wants to see, some greasy Canadian metrosexual (all the Quebec guys look that way) putting the wood to that cut dumpster

Anonymous said...

What fathers do, and mothers hardly ever do, is teach their children COURAGE. I am convinced that courage, guts in plain language, is the virtue or quality without which all others are useless, There always will be a time when you have to tell your boss to go to Hell. There always will be a time when someone has to jump in to a pond to save a drowning man, And, in most generations, there comes a time when men must face the rockets, bombs, and bullets of a determined enemy.

Women, feminists, sneer at this - until a rapist is on the loose, or a serial killer - and then they cry for police, male police, to SAVE them. Right now ISIS has scared Americans sh**less. Oh oh, may the border people keep us safe! the cry is - as the border patrol lets anyone cross the southern border. "FBI, DHS bulletin warns of ISIS retaliation for airstrikes against ISIS" as the female-run US administration prepares to ut and run:

Are these the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the men who faced the most professional and skilled army in the world? Who faced the most fanatical army in the world?
Sadly, the answer is YES.

And cutting and running will do no good. The men of ISIS are no doubt extremely cruel and perverted, but they are brave men and determined men, and ingenious men. They can be stopped only by men who are equally determined and equally brave.

Otherwise, the next generation of Americans will have ISIS as its teachers.