Thursday, August 07, 2014

Thursday Night Linkage

No amount of protests will change reality and truth.  Also note the hyphenated name.

More insight into the psychology of leftists.

Suing Breitbart's widow. 

Why the university system hates America and is nothing more than an arm of socialism.


Anonymous said...

You know when I was in the 8th Grade I was kinda overweight, and I went swimming to the public pool with my friend. When I took my shirt off, he laughed in my face about how fat I was. You couldn't really tell how fat I was with my shirt on, I could hide the weight well.

But yeah, after that I never went swimming again, until I could assure that I was no longer fat, and would not be laughed at. I didn't cry about it to anyone. I was ashamed of how I looked, because I DIDN'T look good. I didn't want people to accept me for my fatness. It's not like fatness is like being retarded. You can change being fat.

Anonymous said...

That University Article really fucking pisses me off.

Phil Galt said...

Fat shaming? This means, that as a 44 year old male with a beer gut and more hair on my back than a water buffalo, I can proudly be shirtless in public now!

JE Gonzalez said...

On linking to Balladeer's blog, you do realize he hates Conservatives and Liberals equally?