Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Common Thread Between Elliot Rodger and ISIS

A superficial survey of the masses murdering Elliot Rodger and the mass murdering ISIS may only draw one, maybe two common threads.  They're both murderers and they're both crazy.  After coming to this conclusion most people whilst sipping on their $7 cup of lattes in the unaffected suburbs will then continue on their life, more concerned with whether they should pick up a copy of People magazine to catch up on all the pointless Hollywood gossip. 

However, as my brain is wont to do, it wanders and thinks during my roadtrips, adventures and hikes, coming up with epiphanies that people stuck in cubicles and rush hour never have the opportunity to.  And my latest great western road trip was no different as I discovered the key thing Elliot Rodger and ISIS have in common (heading south bound on 79 out of Rapid City no less).  And if we take the time to identify it, think it through, we can prevent the likes of Rodger's rampage and ISIS's, even radical muslims thirst for blood.

Understand the most powerful force in the universe is not gravity, it's not electromagnetic radiation, and it's not nuclear power.

It's the human male.

Yes, yes, I know physicists will disagree as to the pure mathematical energy that can be measured, but in terms of what has come under control, managed, and been directed towards accomplishing the most amount of good it is not the non-sentient energies that be in the universe, but rather the human male.

It is without a doubt that nearly everything on the planet has been built by men.  Civilization, math, engineering, capitalism, chemistry, literature, surgery, vaccines, nuclear power, electronic, communications, flight, space travel, you name it, men have built it.  Matter of fact men are so energetic they've managed to master and control all the powers of the universe, bending them to our benefit and will, forever increasing the standards of living and life expectancies for all.  This makes men not only the most interesting creature on the planet, but the nucleus and bedrock of society.

Where this limitless energy comes from is very simple - women.  Men are programmed to want, desire and procreate with women.  Many men also want to see their genetics cast out into the future in the form of children.  Ergo a loving, beautiful, and loyal wife along with loving children are the batteries that power these amazing machines of innovation and progress. 

But wives and children also serve a very vital role when it comes to the issue of men and their energy.  One that puts their role in society on par with the importance of men - they channel men's energy.

Channel it to what?

Channel it to productive uses.

Without wives and children, mens energy has no ultimate point or purpose.  And sadly, just because a man does not have a wife or child does not mean that energy goes away.  It's still there, it just now has nowhere to be invested in nor a purpose to be invested wisely.  And it is here where the dangerous side of men lies.

Imagine, if you will, a single man as if he were the plutonium used in the Fat Man atom bomb.  This 6.2 kilograms of plutonium had 21 kilotons of potential energy.  Also know that that energy MUST be expended.  The man is going to burn that energy one way or another over the course of his life.  So what is the best way to expend it?

Well, like nuclear power it can be expended in a very helpful way...

or a VERY destructive way.

The helpful way would be like a nuclear reactor providing nearly limitless energy and power to cities and society.  It can heat homes, power industries, light the night and make life incredibly better for all of us.

Or it can be used to destroy and lay waste to society.  Level cities, kill millions, wage war and end human life on this planet.  

And now you see the importance of having women and family in life, as well as the commonality between Elliot Rodger and ISIS.

Without going into a great and detailed psycho-family analysis of the two, both Elliot and ISIS lacked the guidance, familial structure, and incentive to properly and productively channel their energy.  The guidance coming from fathers who were either effectively absent (in Elliot's case) or dead/brainwashed by Islam (in ISIS members' case), never existed.  Thus, the PRIMARY individual in their lives that would have taught them about how to go about getting a wife and children (their dads) were either not there or so impaired by a religious ideology things like "game" "wooing" and "charm" were never conveyed to their sons.  Without these tools the Rodgers and ISIS's of the world were unable to attract women, denying them wives and families, thus denying purpose and agency to their lives.  Worse still, with no children or loved ones in their lives, they had no incentive to be good stewards of the future, and thus no incentive to channel their energies productively.

Naturally, many of you will point out that just because a man does not have a point or purpose in life, does not mean he will use his excess energy for evil.  Why not channel them for good?  Why do you so pessimistically assume men will default towards destruction and evil? And while that is certainly true and there are many examples of philanthropists and altruists abound, the sad truth is that human psychology will typically default towards ego and laziness.  And this is where the Destruction Principle and Crusaderism come into play. 

Ever so abbreviating both, understand the human mind wants to belong to something and have SOME KIND of value.  But if either through society, a recession, or a lack of interest from women, etc., no such opportunities to belong to something good and productive exist (a career, a family, etc.), people will go and create it out of whole cloth.  Thus "crusades" that claim to be "helping" society, that are in reality nothing more than havens for worthless, talentless people to give themselves some kind of "faux" meaning or purpose in life:

Going green/Environmentalism
Born again Christians
African aid/mission trips
Anti-fracking/Keystone pipeline

Where these "crusades" become particularly evil is on two accounts.  One, participants in these crusades do NOT care about society as much as they do themselves.  They don't care about the whales, they don't care about "the poor," they are doing it first and foremost for their ego.  And whether or not their crusades and their demands actually hurt society (by increasing poverty, lowering unemployment, confiscating other people's money, etc) does not matter to them, because making society suffer (either through higher taxes or lower future performance) is less important than making their egos feel good.

Two, in pursuing crusades that are not based in reality, but rather ego-masturbation, they are diametrically put against reality.  This means any success society has had in the past 5,000 years by adhering to reality has to be criminalized and villainized, and ultimately destroyed by these people.  Capitalism, freedom, nuclear families, individualism, success, excellence, men, patriarchy, etc. any pillar of success is one that needs to be torn down.  Thus, the majority of "successes" and "accomplishments" these type of people point to on their resume is NOT one of "building something" or "creation," but rather destroying something, stopping something, or preventing something.

Now, this mental disease of The Destruction Principle and Crusaderism is nothing "too" dangerous on its own.  Wimpy effeminate men will join hairy armpitted women on a whole host of whinny and complaining campaigns, voting for socialism, economic justice and whatnot as they join OWS and protest in cardboard boxes.  The worst outcome is they vote for socialism and slowly destroy the underlying economic infrastructure of society.

However you add The Destruction Principle and Crusaderism to men who still have testosterone and combine it with a lack of purpose and agency, and you now have the most dangerous and volatile cocktail for young men.  And with nowhere else to go, and no productive use for their energies, these men will not lash out in a form of amazing production and charity, but rather death, mayhem, destruction and terror all in a self-aggrandizing way.  Thus your Elliot Rodgers, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, James Holmes, Tsarnaev brothers, etc.

The solution is one that modern day western civilization is not willing to accept today.  We need to put men at the center of society, ensuring they are raised right to ensure their energies are used for good and not evil.  This unfortunately means making fathers head of the household and championing the nuclear family as the bedrock of civilization.  It also means women (if they wish to have a family) will have to actually be wives and mothers first and foremost instead of temporary incubators for human children that are to be outsourced to the state for raising so she can get back to her career as a "non-profit marketing director."

Until that time the most powerful force in the universe will continue to go increasingly unchecked and unhoned to the risk and detriment of the world.


Aaron Clarey is a mean, evil jerk and writes mean things that hurts weaker people's feelings frequently.  He is the author of "Enjoy the Decline" and "Bachelor Pad Economics" among other literary works.  He hosts The Clarey Podcast and his Youtube channel where he does stupid "white-maley" things like using statistics, logic, math, facts and the truth because he's a jerk.  He's also a racist, mysoginist, sexist, homophobe that hunts kittens and kicks puppies for fun, when he's not too busy stealing the oxygen tanks of nursing home patients.


TroperA said...

Here's an example of what you're talking about: A social justice crusader named Zoe Quinn:


*Overpriviliged white girl with multicolored hair: Check.

*Trying to break into male dominated industry (game design) and turn it into a SJW message generator: Check.

*Using her power to persecute those who don't toe the SJW party line: Check.

*Cares more about finding a way to profit off of her victimhood than she does about helping the cause she purports to champion: Check.

Oh, and apparently she's been sleeping with game journos and others in the "Gaming" community in exchange for good reviews, a support platform for her game, etc.

Wow. Just wow.

Wandering MGTOW said...

Good article, it's well reasoned, and I agree with your conclusion.

I'd put it this way: Take away a man's purpose in life and he will willing join a mob, or a totalitarian movement. There's not a lot of difference.

Peregrine John said...

Been pondering this and related subjects myself a bit, lately. And we're not the only ones.

Vice from SoSuave said...

You came to a similar conclusion that Napoleon Hill did in Think And Grow Rich; women are the driving force of men's achievements.

I was also thinking about the large male population in China, and what will happen when they want to find wives in an environment where the ratio is not in their favor. Russia has a favorable ratio of women, but Russian women tend to dislike Chinese men. Japan may be an option since their men are slowly becoming... asexual. But a more terrifying idea is their military having hundreds of thousands of frustrated young men with nothing to lose...

Anonymous said...

Last month I spent a brief period of time wandering through an American Shopping Mall in Suburbia, USA. I am not typically one to frequent malls, but I had some time to kill between appointments. After a while, I began to notice something odd, just not quite right. I've been lonely lately and could've fancied myself some female companionship. A superficial, narcissistic, twittering mall-whore; is stil better than a stinky, sweaty, hairy feminist ape woman. Or so I thought...

I began searching around the mall for a woman I might be interested in "dating", or at least getting to know internally. Now as for my prospects.... there weren't any... at least not many that were "datable". I'm not talking attractive, i'm talking fuckable without herculean effort. Sure, there were some attractive women, but most of them had sailors wrapped around them (Navy town). After eliminating the following types of women; married, committed, super-religious, ugly, feminist, and obese/fat.... I was left with very few prospects. I was so taken aback my the selection of datable women, I gave up, I left. It simply wasn't worth the effort to pursue such a small school of fish.

It finally hit me, as I neared the Ice Cream Parlor. In the distance I could see three large sea lions, beached on a rock, with what appeared to be a seal.
As I got closer, I realized that the three "sea lions", were in fact obese women, and the "seal" was thier skinny friend. They were all sitting there scarfing down, 2,000 calories of mocha-fucka-shake-a-chino bullshit. I considered jumping in and saving the "seal" from the clutches of her sea lion friends, but it was already to late. They already sucked her in, and she was too blind to see her future. That's when I realized those "Sea Lions", were once cute, attractive, physically fit, women. That's 3 fatties, to one hottie (she wasn't even hot, just skinny). With odds like that, it isn't worth my testosterone. I refuse to sleep with fat sea-lion women and the only bagable strange is being fought over by the rest of the heard.

I used to be fat, I get it. But god damnit, life is better skinny. So many people waste their life, thinking they're enjoying it.

Fuck it, I'm gonna go masturbate. The women in my head are hot.

Anonymous said...

Another Brillant Essay. But this is nothing new. This topic is old school. It's not much of a revelation but it's totally obvious too many of us.

However this could be an idea for a new book, much like your post about communism and the American Muse.

Perhaps an MGTOW book Aaron?. I really enjoyed Top Shelf, perhaps do another? TS2?

Ofaodhagain said...

What else they have in common:

The name 'Eliot.'

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is Israeli MOSSAD agent Simon Elliot. You can find all kinds of fun pictures of him with John McCain.

Unknown said...

Too true and I fear the lack of wo).men in India and China. Because of gender selective abortion, there are HUGE numbers of males with no hope of ever getting a woman (or children of their own). Governments in these countries will need to do something to address the negative energies these single males will generate. The best alternative is war - and it is not like China and India have any love for each other. And THAT will be huge.

Anonymous said...

There is no particular reason to think ISIS members lack or lacked access to women. ISIS even performs wedding ceremonies and so on. They want to form a caliphate in response to an ineffective, corrupt, and unrepresentative Iraq government and use a theocracy loosely based on Islam as an organizing ideology. While I don't support that ideology, they aren't at all insane.

New Wave Communications said...

Hey all. This essay inspired me to answer with my own essay. My response essay can be found here:http://musesintime.blogspot.com/2014/08/what-is-problem-with-marriage-from.html

Anonymous said...

As an antifeminist it never occurs to me to criticize cultures that fight feminism.

Especially when there is so much wrong with my own.

Anonymous said...

Is this CraigsList serious about what they can control and what they can not control ?

Quote: "Stating a discriminatory preference in a housing post is illegal, and is prohibited on craigslist."


My landlord does not accept women and some minorities with bad reputation, but that doesnt mean that I have to write these details in the ad.

Jones said...

"$7 cup of latte ..."

Did you move to London during a lull when nobody would have noticed? :-)

Unknown said...

Speaking of idiots and the XL Pipeline, I see Neal Young and Willie Nelson will be in Nebraska to do a protest 'concert' on September 27. Please let me know, since you are closer to the area, if they are in favour of ripping out the 20 something pipelines that criss-cross the aquifer. I would hate to think this another blame Canada stunt.
Oh, and will the "Corn Palace" in Mitchell, SD, immortalize these old cobs faces ? I would guess they do not use ethanol as fuel to 'reduce' their 'footprint' since for many years they've been travelling on their own old shit.

Anonymous said...

This is not true.
The whole Orient is a patriarchal so no one has to have "game" to get a woman because his parents arrange a marriage and a woman has Little or no possiility to decide.
also many men who Support ISIS are very rich and mighty (where else do These soldiers get weapons and knowledge?)
And These guys also don't want to build a happy state where they can party and pick up women, because they execute every woman who runs around alone and without a burka and Flirts with men.
they even forbid Music.

There was always war with or without wife. In Nazi Germany for example the most men were married.

Elliot Rodgers obviously needed a good psychiatrist. Tips about game wouldn't have helped.
Especially because he (thought he) knew enough about it.
He did what pu artists tell to do to get laid.
And aren't women super hypergamous? Why did no woman wanted this rich Young man with his Label clothes and his semi celebrity Lifestyle? At least as beta provider?

and how do you want to realize that every man gets a woman (he finds attraktive enough to live with her without going postal)?

there were always People who got thrown out of the gene pool, especially men.
Seems pretty natural to me. Not good, but probably not changable.

JoeAmerica said...

I never heard of Elliot Rodger. There are plenty of stories like this and there will be more. Media will never discuss the root causes. In general this kind of thing is rare. Far more common is the gang/thug culture killings which are vastly more numerous.

Look up Mohamed Bouazizi, he was publicly humiliated by a 45-year-old female cop Faida Hamdi. She slapped him in the face, spat at him, confiscated his electronic weighing scales, and tossed aside his produce cart. This kind of thing had been going on for years. This is what started the Arab Spring which eventually allowed ISIS to form.

In the West there is an endless supply of media where women are all knowing and always right. Where guys are always idiots or supplicating dopes. This is obnoxious female porn where women get there rocks off. Its hard for a young guy to stand up to this. Young women feel perfectly entitled to be ass holes. The Dunning–Kruger effect is socially in full effect, these clueless women routinely crap on guys.

Anonymous said...

Men did not build capitalism.

The Austrian school of economics will argue that capitalism is the natural state of economics and that men did not build capitalism anymore than they built gravity.

We discovered gravity but we didn't build it. Gravity and capitalism are two entities of nature.

There was trade, money, private property, enclosed land and wars for scarce goods even before civilization and even before reading and writing.

Capitalism has always been there.

Joe Richards said...

I'm not sure why you're throwing Christians under the bus with all the crazies. Christianity is the one place pushing people to go ahead, get married, stay married, and raise those children. Other than that-Great post.