Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Sliming Her Vagina Across the Video Gaming World"

I have put a call out to The Bechtloff to explain to us lay folk what the big deal is with this Zoe Quinn girl.  He agreed to write a piece for later this weekend.  However, what prompted my interested in this was listening to Honey Badger Radio's recent podcast.

However, the most gut busting laugh I've had in a long time came at the 1:11:45 mark.  You do not want to piss off the Honey Badgers.

On a related note, Davis Aurini and a partner of his are raising money to put together a documentary about the "Sarkeesian Effect."  Essentially an expose of these leftists, feminists and varied sorts of social justice warriors that have purposely targeted the video gaming/comicbook/geek industry in an effort to co-opt it for their own political purposes and to bring it down out of desire to pursue The Destruction Principle.  They're looking to raise a decent amount of money and given that the frauds they're trying to expose damn well got near a quarter of a million dollars to make "political games" it might be worth throwing a couple bucks there way.


Ladd MaccAodh said...

I'm not ashamed to say that I check /pol/ two, maybe three times per week to check on the Happenings or Space Elevator threads. Lots of gold there if you're willing to skim past the manure.

Short version of the Zoey Quinn thing (aka the Five Guys Burgers & Fries): a no-name indie game developer's boyfriend posted a long rant about her many alleged affairs. He included screencaps of conversations with her as evidence. Some of the men he accused her of sleeping with were men in the gaming and gaming journalism industry who had given her game "Depression Quest" great reviews, or even made it possible to market in the first place.

By itself, it's just a really titillating story of the violation of journalistic integrity. Three things make it stand out.

First, people talking about this and trying to figure out the implications to the industry found that entire threads were being locked or deleted in Reddit, Tumblr, and even 4chan. Basically, the conversation was being silenced by mods, some of whom had known connections to various members of the social justice movement, including Quinn. The censorship made lots of people lose their minds trying to figure everything out; this sort of thing shouldn't be possible, much less for the sake of some no-name and the nerds she allegedly screwed.

Second, Quinn and other SJWs were accused (with evidence) in the midst of this to have shut down a women-in-gaming project that was looking to help women without programming ability get work in the industry, while at the same time trying to divert money into her own accounts (some of the men she is accused of sleeping with also have financial ties to her, as do men who have written reviews about her work). They say they can prove she helped shut down a pro-woman gaming charity, in essence.

Third, the screencaps from the original ex-boyfriend rant show that Quinn's own espoused ethics equate cheating to rape. That is, if you cheat on a boyfriend, then have sex with him without telling him, you are denying him the ability to have consent - i.e., rape. Basically, if the evidence he presents is authentic, Quinn would be a self-described rapist, as would the married men she slept with (some of the screencaps show her trying to prevent those wives from learning the truth).

The details don't matter so much. It's all lulz at this point, watching SJWs wallowing in their own hypocrisy. If you want more details, look up the YouTube user "Internet Aristocrat," he breaks it down pretty well in his most recent two videos.

Retrenched said...

Not sure why geeks would allow feminists to decide what type of games, anime and comics they're allowed to enjoy. That's like blacks letting the KKK tell them what kind of music they're allowed to listen to.

If someone hates you, why give them that kind of power over your culture, to determine what types of entertainment you're allowed to enjoy?

No, really... why?

Anonymous said...

A quarter million isn't even enough to hire and equip more than one decent developer. It isn't really possible to make a game for less than 10 million unless it is intentionally minimalist or very basic.

Gaming also isn't really influenced by journalism, although I suppose it is influenced by review scores, it would be like trying to get a high placement on Amazon for a book by sleeping with everyone who can read. Even if she did five people a day for a year it wouldn't make any detectable difference.

daniel_ream said...

There is no big deal. Zoe Quinn is a vapid, self-absorbed hipster 20-something who's latched on to the indie game scene in an attempt to get some attention for herself by engaging in the usual SJW asshattery.

The same thing is going on in the tabletop RPG industry and in comic books, and the elephant in the room here is that all this is only happening because these industries are in economic freefall right now. The parasites are swarming because the gaming field in all its variations[1] isn't economically healthy enough to tell these parasites to fuck off. The decisionmakers are panicking and they're giving the fruitbats way more influence and credence than they deserve, because OMG what if this is the reason our sales are tanking??

Four major video game publishers have gone bankrupt in the last couple of years. The fruitbats aren't relevant, and the furore over them misses the point - this is only happening because the industry is dying.

daniel_ream said...

[1] You know what gaming field has no SJW bullshit? Board games. That segment is booming right now and shows no sign of slowing down. It's just as popular among 20-something hipster fruitbats, but they have no influence because the publishers don't need to cater to them.

Anonymous said...

One of the better summaries that I've found on women - check it out here.