Thursday, August 07, 2014

Road Tripping to Seattle

In my life mission to enjoy the decline and pursue leisure over labor, I will be road tripping it to Seattle.  No real route is planned and no itinerary set but if you are in the Dakotas/Montana/Wyoming, Idaho/Washington area I may be coming through and more than happy to grab a beer or a coffee or shoot guns.  Will be leaving tomorrow morning so give a shout out here if you're around.  I do know I am VERY likely to be staying in Missoula, MT and hiking Trapper's Peak near Darby, MT.   Then off to Seattle, return trip is eehhhhhh...TBD.

Anyway, let the ole Captain know if you're around.


heresolong said...


You finally come up my way and I am surfing in Los Angeles the whole month.

son of a $%^&*(

Pootie Tang said...

When you get to Seattle, check this place out for a great sandwich. Lunch lines can be a little long.

Aaron said...

I would very much like to buy you a beer. Especially if you end up in the Olympia area. We can laugh at the hipsters as enjoying a libation and a smoke. Drop me a line, of you get achance.

Andrew S said...

Hey Captain longtime reader here. Would be happy to buy you a shot of Rumpleminze at the Pine Ale house in Sammamish if you are stopping by. Cheers.

norseman591 said...

Long time reader, first time commenter here. I'm in Great Falls, Montana, which, if you're heading through Missoula, is probably out of your way. Excellent choice on spending the night in 'ssoula though. Any rate, if you do happen to come through Great Falls during the weekdays, let me know. Alternatively, I'm actually heading down to Missoula some weekend soon, depending on work, so if you're there on a weekend, I may be as well. Either way, make sure to get some of Montana's incredible beer--prechin' to the choir, I know.

heresolong said...

And then I wonder if I should clarify that it is not you that are a mother$%^& or a son of a $%^& but circumstances.


Hope you are enjoying the trip. The surfing and motorcycle riding in sunny CA is outstanding so a good trade off, I suppose.