Saturday, August 23, 2014

Why Every Worker is a Veritable Slave for 14 Years

Uncle Bernie did a preliminary review of Bachelor Pad Economics and intends on doing a more lengthy one in the near future.  However, he did cite a quote from the book that in simple math explains why anybody stupid enough to work hard is really a slave to socialist and leftist parasites for 14 years of your life.

The only way to win is to starve the beast and make the grocery store shelves empty.


SM777 said...

Wow, Bernard Chapin is still doing the Inferno.

That's cool.

Wandering MGTOW said...

Picture yourself as a successful corporate middle manager. You are ahead of the game. You're almost done with your student loans, and money ahead enough to pay a mortgage, child raising costs, and afford some nice things.

You decide to splurge and buy a brand new car.

This is my point: The mechanic at your car dealer makes more money than your boss.

It gets better. The mechanic has no student loans, gets paid for overtime, and gets paid even more for working holidays. The job can't be outsourced, but white collar jobs can.

They call corporate workers wage slaves. Corporate life is called the golden handcuffs and the rat race. Why? Because it's true.

Anonymous said...

You're guilty of selective indignation.

When you work, you are a slave to your employer as well, to which you must give more productivity than he gives you back in wages.

But you don't call that slavery because then it would expose the entire scam that the capitalism system has become.

As for being slaves to the socialist and social programs. There would not be so much poverty in the first place were it not for market totalitarianism.

Back a few hundred years ago, in the commons, people worked hard all day long to grow their own food, raise their own meat, fish, gather, chop their own wood.

They were self-employed but consumed what they produced. Markets were a supplement, not a mandate.

Now that everything is in private hands with the goal of maximizing profits, there are a lot of able bodied individual left out of the loop and you call them "parasites" ?

Also, it's precisely money and the market that makes it so easy to collect taxes from workers and employers.

Back in the commons and barter and trade, it would have been impossible to build such a large taxation and government apparatus. Capital was simply too fungic and not mobile enough.

But, then again, such apparatus was not needed because people were not wage slaves, they worked for themselves and counted on large family as an insurance policy.

You can't have it both ways Aaron.

The more I see it, the more I come to the conclusion that life was not meant to be profitable.

sth_txs said...

Anonymous, I've read CC hear for a long time now, and he has made it pretty clear we don't have real capitalism in many respects and the corporations have way too much say in government.

You are right about becoming a slave to an employer, but at least you have that choice.

I believe the hippies of the 70's tried the back to the land movement of growing your own stuff, but I'm not sure that really worked out well either. I've worked a few acres with the parents while growing up doing the garden thing, and even with a small tractor I can't say I'd really like to live that way.

Anonymous said...

It is not slavery to be an employee because you can quit or work for someone else.

Taxation is similar to slavery because you must pay them or be punished, much like a recalcitrant slave would be punished.

A few hundred years people lived under something called the feudal system. They did not grow their own food or produce their own goods they were serfs!

Capitalism is whatever happens economically when people are free. The current system is only capitalism by name, capitalism does not include bailouts or cronyism for example. Capitalism is not a scam, it is the idea that free people can own the fruits of their labour.

"The more I see it, the more I come to the conclusion that life was not meant to be profitable." This is the rationalisations of a loser, tell that to Bill Gates. Produce something of value in an efficient way, market it and profit.