Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Epitome of Leftist Bias in Journalism

Every once in a while you get a photo or a picture that embodies EVERYTHING wrong with an entity, an ideology, a group, or a movement, etc.

This is one of those pictures which shows the:

political agenda

of modern day leftist journalists.

Thank you Ryan J. Reilly, you epitomize everything that's wrong with modern day journalism and ensure us bloggers are the real 4th Branch of Government.


Ted Jacobs said...

I lost it at the #Fergurson tag most of all.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that if all you know about a subject is what you've read or heard from the media, you don't know anything about it

Marshallaw said...

Laughed at this comment:
"Butt plugs, debris from the recent Gay Pride parade."

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how it shows all that, but I've been hassled by cops enough to have a problem with them shooting people for no reason, let alone imposing a curfew. The tax guzzling Ferguson PD shows everything wrong with the cult of the omnipotent state. So if the arrested someone at McD, they are probably OK in my book.

Robert What? said...

I feel like a dweeb but I'm not getting it. Can someone please 'splain? Fwiw - I've always found SDA very difficult to read due to the formatting.

5678 said...

Yes, those are armor piercing rubber bullets.

TroperA said...

I smell the next big meme:

Quartermain said...

Those "rubber bullets" are ear plugs.

I had to wear at the rifle range when I was in the Army and whenever I was working in manufacturing.

Those leftists are stupid.

Anonymous said...

That sissy-fool needs to be water-boarded.
Anybody up for it?

Anonymous said...

What's telling is that he'd know what they were if he'd ever been to a war zone.

Someone should tell him they are chemically imbued less than lethal rounds known to cause side effect such as deafness and ear infections.

Robert What? said...

Ah got it now. Can I take my dunce cap off?