Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The Problem With Wisdom

Sadly, all of us “older, wiser men” have to admit we have no way to “force” you to accept and incorporate our wisdom. We cannot guarantee that had you pursued that career in music therapy you would NOT have become successful. We cannot guarantee that had you tried to get into investment banking you would NOT have become a millionaire. And we cannot guarantee that had you tried to become a basketball star you would not have become the next LeBron James. But if we were to switch it, focusing instead on the risks and consequences of you FAILING, rather than what idealistically “may have been,” perhaps these severe costs will make you heed our words.


Brett said...

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Brett said...

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Mark said...

The point you brought up of clubs being largely a waste of time can also be extended to online dating sites. As an average guy, I had to send out fifty emails, meet a dozen women, and date one of them for two months before finally having sex. The long process was unenjoyable and expensive and not really worth it. If only men had the vote, I suspect prostitution would still be legal as it used to be. Most men wouldn't use hookers but if it was legal all men would benefit by the improved behavior of women now faced with the potential competition.