Thursday, August 28, 2014

There's Always a Catch With Women

Village of women looking for single men.

Just have to "follow their rules."

Funny...the article doesn't mention what those rules are.

How much you want to bet they stay a man-less village forever?


Anonymous said...

Somehow it got twisted. It used to say, "The meek shall inherit the earth." Now the World says "The Women shall inherit the earth. Men weve got to switch this.

Anon1 said...

I may be wrong about this,but whats interesting is that it is a town run by women for women that was built by men and maintained with technology created by men as well. What a contradiction with regards to the strong/independent/woman meme. It also highlights the disposability of men since they are looking for a select group of men to achieve some of their goals. I guess this maybe the long term goal of the social engineers to force men and women into separate boxes so to speak, to prevent them from copulating with the aim of mass population reduction!!

Adam Lawson said...

"This Brazilian town is inhabited and governed almost entirely by women,"

They lost me at "governed."


"Sons are sent away at 18, and spouses are banned from the town except on weekends."

No kidding? Even if you marry one of them, you only get her on weekends? No, no thanks.

In the comments, one guy had a genius way of putting it:
"In my younger years, 600 single Brazilian women between 20-25 sounds very appealing, however having been the only guy hanging out with my wife and 10 of her friends on a few occasions, this may not be all it's cracked up to be."

There isn't enough whisky.

Black Poison Soul said...

I wonder how much of that will turn into bait'n'switch.

If a collapse happens in Brazil, like what happened in Argentina, their rules will go out the window really quick. That or there'll be a huge number of bandits heading there for some pillaging and raping.

TC said...

The accompanying video says the town was founded in the 19th century by a woman who was kicked out of her previous village for adultery. A puritanical church was founded in the 40s but after the pastor died they decided not to live under the rules of men ever again. Hamster on, ladies.

Tom said...

If you google around a bit, you'll find that it looks as if a majority of the population are women, but it's partly because the men leave during the week to work in the city 60 miles away. It's probably impractical to commute daily. The women mostly work in the town's agriculture industry. So they are not really self-sufficient, their husbands are still bringing home the bacon. Still, the men follow their wives' rules and only return on the weekends so it looks pretty close to a real matriarchy. I would guess paternity rights are pretty dismal there.

Anonymous said...

So they want husbands who will love and cherish them, provide and pay for them, sire their children, give them everything they ever wanted, but only get to live there 2 days a week and have no enfranchisement? And they say women aren't shallow, selfish and entitled.

TroperA said...

I didn't read the article, but didn't I see a movie based on this that ended with Nicholas Cage punching a woman in a bear costume?

A.B. Prosper said...

Even with a lot of pretty young White girls in that village I'll pass.

Bike Bubba said...

Somehow it strikes me as odd, even given pretty hard core feminism, that these ladies want their husbands away for weeks at a time. Nobody....nobody....desires their husband all week? Really?

I'm not buying it; seems like the women of this town have traded mild oppression for nasty oppression, and are wondering why the men don't come running. Ugh.

And quite frankly, if I were a DA in the area, that kind of arrangement would suggest I ought to talk to some of the 18 year olds that are getting sent away, if you catch my drift.

Quartermain said...

Thanks but no thanks.

CA3 said...

Love is priceless, but apparently their search has it's limitations. I suspect they hired a guy to deal with the webhosting duties as their site is currently down. Which is a good move for a guy to make if seeking to keep naive potential competitors out of the dating pool. I mean who couldn't afford $5 US a month for unlimited webhosting if it enabled them access to higher value males domestic and foreign.

Anonymous said...

There is probably something else they don't say, because the following assertions do no add up :

"its population consisting of more than 600 mostly single women aged 20 to 25"


"The town was founded in 1891"

So, for more than a century, how have they been disposing of women of more than 25 years old ? Carrousel-like ritual execution ?

Or, more simply, isn't that article a huge heap of BS ?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm … in the Soviet Gulag, women were usually kept separate from men. Nevertheless, a group of women would sometimes get hold of a man - another prisoner. What ensued wasn't pretty - yes, a man can be gang-raped by women - and the man often didn't survive.