Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Why Every Young Man Should Consider the Bakken Oil Field


Anonymous said...

Would you recommend it even for a 36 year old?

Anonymous said...

Or a 30 year old, no kids no wife?

Anonymous said...

I'm 36 and both my body and mind could take it.

I live in Canada. Do you think there are worthwhile openings in Saskatchewan ?

leeholsen said...

2nd this. if i were between 17 and 30; i'd go; work my ass off to go up the ladder and save 50% of every paycheck because there isnt any reason to do anything up there besides work, sleep and eat. in 10 yrs, even a high school droput could have a 1/2 mil in the bank and you can live on a 1/2 mil easily for the rest of your life you dont get suckered into the consumer culture.

Anonymous said...


50% ?

I would save 95% !

Anonymous said...

Cappy, one factual error to correct. You said that owning a house/condo will eliminate "the largest expense in your life". In fact, the largest expense in the life of EVERY person who works is TAXES, and at current govt debt rates taxes will remain EVERYONE'S largest expense for the rest of everyone's life.

And to Anonymous from Canada who posted above, YES! ... Sask. and Alberta BOTH have identical opportunities to what Cappy says about the Bakken. I have 2 low skill / high energy nephews in their 20s out in western Canada each making over $120k per year working the oil fields.