Sunday, August 03, 2014

He Rested On the Sabbath Linkage

In case you were wondering, yes, I'm trying to take weekends off.  Noticed that I was working non-stop, all week, all day without a clear delineation between work and fun.  And further noticed that if you don't stop and make a clear mental break from work, it starts to have negative effects on your mood and happiness.

In the meantime, some lazy Sunday linkage for you:

The Black Brigade has another damn fine podcast.

Stefan Molyneux has an interesting podcast on "The Truth About Israel and Palestine"

Food - it's what makes men happy because it's life, survival, security, and love all wrapped into one.

Couldn't happen to a better city.

Might have to watch this.

Roosh releases his new book with a title I'm shaking my head at.

The Baby Boomers will reap what they sow.

Victor Borge v. 2.0

How many private sector workers does it take to support a parasite government worker.

Daddy Popp explains math to welfare queens, but they won't be able to do the math.

"Royal Order of the Water Buffaloes"

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Anonymous said...

On the subject of the border crisis and the country being overrun with brand new, soon to be voting Democrats:

What are Obama the destroyer’s plans and schemes?

Does he really want to overload the socialist welfare system with millions of new voters looking to loot the country?

Just something to ponder my friends.