Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Idiocracy - Another Reason Not to Breed

I love how universities are actually unintentionally lowering IQ's.


Anonymous said...

People have always selected partners with similar intelligence,social background,and economics.

The problem that we face is overpopulation. With technological breakthroughs and changes in the marketplace, overpopulation will outstrip the ability to feed, house, and employ people.

Western governments encourage more population because politicians need more taxpayers to pay for entitlement programs.

If we could rid ourselves of the entitlement programs that we have, our economy would self correct. Things would be ugly for awhile, but we would have a future.

If we continue on the economic path that we're on, we'll absolutely destroy ourselves. Continuing to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic isn't going to keep us from having to pay for our well meaning, but bad choices.

TroperA said...

I don't know if there is anyway to deal with this situation besides totalitarianism. There is no way you're going to convince society's lampreys to stop sucking on the government teat (nor will you convince politicians to not engage in votebuying using the taxpayer's resources.) The only way to stop this system is by force. No one in the history of the world (save those of extraordinarily moral character,) has ever relinquished power and/or wealth voluntarily.

The problem is once you get someone to strongarm the problem out of existence, you have to deal with the strongarmers who may be even worse than what came before. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

IQ obsession is for pussies. Do you really want to live in a world filled to the brim with idiot savants. That means a world with no jazz, no Motown, no Cosby, no Murphy, no Ali, no Lopez, no Miranda, no Whoopi and all-white-basketball with free season tickets to all-asian-football. The IQ-obsessionist always want to raise the bar and move the goal post. I believe its a form of insecurity based in their inability to relate to simple lives. Perhaps, even a form of IQ-narcissism. What joy would the cubicle slaves have in their lives if they didn't have a little low-brow humor. It helps to take the edge off. You can't always live in your head. The world we should build is one of balance not equality or segregation. Life's joy come to us from all corners and it should be celebrated not quarantined, cataloged and compartmentalized. Most of societies ills come from to much do-gooding and cheating which upsets the natural balance. It's human nature to be charitable but all to often the side effects get lost in all the pontification. To much charity can cause the very problems we wish to solve. In other words, feeding the animals can be deadly to animals. We need to spend our energy on teaching self-sufficiency and ethics but, it's got to start at the top.

Take The Red Pill said...

TroperA: "...No one in the history of the world (save those of extraordinarily moral character,) has ever relinquished power and/or wealth voluntarily."

Not many people know this today, but George Washington did just that at the end of the Revolutionary War, when he relinquished his command and returned his commission as the Colonial Army's Commanding General to Congress. He also stifled a potential rebellion among his officers, who wanted to 'overthrow' Congress (which had acted selfishly and shamefully towards the army during the Revolutionary War) and put Washington in power as the 'King' of America.
He was also so highly thought of, that the reason that we have a Constitution and a Presidency is because only he was trusted by all of the representatives in Congress to be the first President and not abuse the powers of his office. The man was a model of high morality -- he could have been King if he had wanted, but he chose instead to retire to Mount Vernon and be a farmer and planter. Instead, he became 'The Man Who Would NOT Be King'.
Yet for all that, he is an "evil white man" because the only thing the leftists and their toadies care about is that he owned slaves.

Anonymous said...

The universities are lowering IQS On purpose. It is easier for their masters to control a dull witted bovine herd than a population of clear thinking individuals who don't like being shit on.