Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"What If Your Parents Decided Not to Have Children?"

In a language-warning rant I debunk the argument "What If Your Parents Decided Not to Have Children" which is also the same argument as "What If YOur Mom Decided to Have An Abortion?"


Tal Hartsfeld said...

For starters we wouldn't be sitting here dwelling on this subject (or on any other, for that matter).
It's probably cruel on my part, but I've come across a lot of people in my lifetime whom I think the world would be better off without.

Anonymous said...

I like it when someone speaks the truth. I can relate to the double barrel FU. Thanks again.

Don T Tread said...

Eh, you're wrong on this one Cappy. Any little thing different in the past affects everything now, and every little thing that happens now affects the future. You don't know what the future holds. But your decisions affect it. The big things and the little things. Having children is trusting in chaos. Having children is being a part of genetic history and future. You don't know the future. Period. You don't know if the great-grandchild of your child would've discovered warp-drive. You made a decision, and that's fine, but if everyone did it the human race would go extinct. I personally think you'd be a great father and you care about kids a lot.

kurt9 said...

It seems that there are a lot of people in right wing/conservative blogs who are obsessed with pushing people who don't want them into having kids. This is a very strange obsession to me and does not have anything to do with conservative politics as that I grew up with.

When I came of age, conservative meant limited government, lower taxes, and less regulation. That's it, nothing else. Whether you chose to have kids or not to was considered a private, personal decision that, aside from the issue of the social welfare state, was never considered a legitimate subject of public discussion in a political context.

I think so-called conservatism has strayed way beyond what it was intended for.

Faithless Cynic said...

I can answer that question teacher ! If my parents had aborted me, I would not have had to listen to my mean, abusive, alcoholic mother talk about trying to abort me. It seems mommie dearest tried to get an illegal abortion when she was carrying me and the injection failed to work. This is truly a good reason for keeping abortion, safe, legal, and effective. An actual abortion would have spared me from listening to the bitch rant that I was the reason she drank.

Note to asshole parents: If you try to abort your kid and he is born anyway, STFU about it. Have you ever heard the phrase " TOO MUCH INFORMATION? "

Glen Filthie said...

Back in the day we had a shotgun marriage. In those days you manned up, married the girl and lived up to your responsibilities. Abortion was still against the law here then.
So that's what I did. My Baptist in laws looked down their moral noses at me because I screwed their daughter and got her pregnant, I ruined her chances at a professional career and a planned family, it was all my fault.
They treated my wife pretty badly too in those days and put all their hopes and dreams in their remaining child - my wife's little brother.
They almost burst with pride when he went to school to become a teacher. (He got his degree in 7 years because Education is such a demanding program dontchya know). Once he got his degree he became an ardent feminist, environmentalist and social justice warrior. My in-laws sighed in contentment. THAT is how a good kid turns out! They patted themselves on the back and gave each other high fives - and gave us the stink-eye.
Their golden child went on to marry another teacher, had two kids and became a principal. The in laws were so happy they almost forgave my wife and I for being fuck ups. They are into their 70's now.
Then everthing went to hell: their golden child had an affair with another younger teacher, his feminist wife divorced him and raped him in divorce court. I hear his children are having problems now. Just recently he asked his elderly parents for a sizeable loan for a downpayment on a new house for him and his new hottie.
Or so I've heard. Our marriage is coming up on 30 years now. It even survived after I told my wife's parents that I was sick of their bullchit, their snide comments and their smarmy attitudes. I told them they weren't welcome in my house 5 years ago and haven't seen them since. My daughter turned out to be a homosexual train wreck and is an unemployable gay hipster today - and my in laws had a big hand in that - but that is a long story too.
I am 50 and have paid my dues. My house is paid, cars are paid, and life is pretty good. I love my wife dearly, and things have settled down and life is pretty good.
But when I am alone sometimes - I wonder. What if abortion had been an option? My daughter is a 24 karat fuck up. My in laws are unrepentant ass holes - but distant bad memories now. I spent DECADES putting up with their shit. Where would I be now, were it not for that unplanned pregnancy? Would I still be a man that could look in the mirror and be proud of stepping up and at least trying to be a worthy son and husband? Or would I be an irresponsible douche bag like my brother in law? With a chicken headed ex-wife and resentful kids?
I dunno if I have regrets or not! HAR HAR HAR!

Anonymous said...

The Greatest Taboo

Anonymous said...

Glen Filthie,

Test your daughter's biological paternity.

Anonymous said...

Then I would not exist and would not care about non existing.

What if another sperm but you wold have hit the ovule first?

Robert What? said...

If your parents didn't have children, it's likely you won't have any either.

Torgo said...

Blow your load...blow your life!

Anonymous said...

"What If Your Parents Decided Not to Have Children?"

Then you would have never heard me complaining.

Anonymous said...

"How can nothingness or nonexisting entity regret anything."

So what's the point of life ? What's the point of working hard, only to have a boss make a fortune off your hard work telling you what to do if you will end up dead anyways and back to where you came from.

I sincerely regret that my parents decided to have me.

Libertarians should admit that to be born in the first place is coercion because nobody asked you for your permission prior to have you.

Life should be an opt-in and not an opt-out decision.

Before I am born, when I am in nothingness, I should have the opportunity to refuse life in the first place.

Otherwise, isn't that coercion and initiation of force ?

Something other than me decides my species, my sex, my date of birth, my genetics, my height, my country of birth, the other people I will have to interact with, the political and economic system I will have to grow up into.

It seems to me that in life we don't have much choice nor freedom at all and that all those voluntarist à la Stefan Molyneux are nothing but professional bullshitters.

The truth is that nothingness would solve all problems, it's a shame that it doesn't last and that we end up decaying back into life.

If nothingness was a satisfied condition, we would have remained in it.

The fact that life exists means that nothingness is not a stable nor a lasting condition.

Life will always be about brute force. All the rules you make about markets, work ethics and private property need not apply.

Anonymous said...

I will accept to work hard only if you promise me that the wages of my work will be eternal nothingness and that I will never ever again have to experience life and never ever again have to interact with other human beings.

The only job I want is Donald Duck's job.

Anonymous said...

Knowing what you know now, given how your life has gone.

Would you have rather not existed in the first place ?

Answer: Absolutely.

My parents were abusive, hateful, violent and controlling. They definitely did not want me. They cared only about themselves. How stupid it is to have children if you are incapable of caring about them ?

If you care only about yourself then stay single with no kids.

I repeat, the only thing I want in life is to tie my father naked on a chair and then with my bare hands pull his dick off until it rips appart. That's all this scum deserves.

Rich Fader said...

Technically, they're related but separate arguments. You can choose not to have children without necessarily bringing abortion into it. Which reminds me: Boys and girls, the only 100% safe, effective and morally non-problematic method of birth control is staying the freak frosty.