Tuesday, June 06, 2017

But Muh Muh "Critical Thinkin' Skillzzz"

Again, in case you didn't know, I will NEVER hire a liberal arts major.  EVER.


seattle said...

"Some prestigious schools say their schools don’t show much improvement between the first and fourth years because their students are so accomplished when they arrive that they have little room to improve."

They just admitted that the students do not need college, they're accomplished.

What a bunch of pompous braniacs.

BigFire said...

Critical thinking is racist an all of the other SJW buzzword badthink.

JK Brown said...

The real question is with the fading of the critical sense, are they still losing their common sense as most of the educated class in the 20th century?

"The fading of the critical sense is a serious menace to the preservation of our civilization. It makes it easy for quacks to fool the people. It is remarkable that the educated strata are more gullible than the less educated. The most enthusiastic supporters of Marxism, Nazism, and Fascism were the intellectuals, not the boors. The intellectuals were never keen enough to see the manifest contradictions of their creeds. It did not in the least impair the popularity of Fascism that Mussolini in the same speech praised the Italians as the representatives of the oldest Western civilization and as the youngest among the civilized nations. No German nationalist minded it when dark-haired Hitler, corpulent Goering, and lame Goebbels were praised as the shining representatives of the tall, slim, fair-haired, heroic Aryan master race. Is it not amazing that many millions of non-Russians are firmly convinced that the Soviet regime is democratic, even more democratic than America?"

von Mises, Ludwig (1945). Bureaucracy

David said...

I would rather to the nearest prison and hire an ex-con that came straight out of the front gate than to hire someone with a liberal arts degree. There is more of a chance that the ex-con would be appreciative of the job opportunity I have him or her than some whiny millennial fuck with a degree in gender studies.

David said...

Indoctrinated people do not think critically.

Bike Bubba said...

Whenever I hear the phrase "critical thinking", my instant thought is that they really want people to think that they've learned logic, but without all that work of learning Aristotelian categories and basic fallacies.

So when a university fails at this, it's kinda like a kindergartner failing coloring or something. It's pretty bad.

Mr. T said...

Sure colleges teach "critical thinking."

Kids stumble out knowing how to march, yell, and otherwise "criticize" the whitemalecisgenderracism power structure, dude!