Sunday, June 25, 2017

Corporate Offices are No Longer Needed

And like 70's music are old, outdated, obsolete, and completely unnecessary.


Anonymous said...

My wife is required to go "into the office" twice per pay period. Why? Because "it's the rule", and her manager doesn't have the stones to tell her bosses it's stupid. Working from home, she's usually online until at least 6 pm. Office days- packed up at 3:45 in order to make the train. Best part is only part of her team is local - other members of her team are in New York, Kentucky - and they all have to make into their respective local offices twice per pay period. The stupid is strong.

Peregrine John said...

Been telling my bass ackwards place of work that for years. Some day they'll get pulled into the late 20th century, I'm sure, but it won't be pretty.

Chris W. said...

Count me in on this one. I used to telecommute almost so much done I didn't even need 40 hours. Then my work suddenly pulled the plug. Why? "We hired this guy and since he has to commute, you do too."

Said guy was a web developer. Nothing about his job requires him to commute into the office. (He left after a year anyway, couldn't stand his boss.)

I keep fighting to get my telecommuting back. No luck at all. The owner thinks doing things "the way we used to" is some sort of badge of honor. He's even demanded men with beards shave them off (that didn't fly).

Soon as I find a better place, I'm out of there.