Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Curse Free Episode #22 of The Clarey Podcast!

American's can't identify British tabloids.
One of Clarey's ex banking bosses is dead...thank god!
Wasp nests in vaginas, women's mutual funds, the case for evil continues!
Japan's "Groper Insurance."
Just what the heck are you studying????


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Anonymous said...

Respectable British right wing papers:

The Telegraph
The Times
The Financial Times
Formerly The Economist but that's gone to the left for some reason

The Mail is aimed at middle aged, middle class housewives and The Sun just panders to the uneducated working class.

heresolong said...


Math teacher here with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Switched cause I was bored and it's not all about the money, right?

Those teachers were probably happy because the kids have finished for the summer. They are probably working because they are required to by the district or the state.

Do you seriously think that we do a lot of the worthless bullshit that we do (goals, objectives, learning targets, etc as well as "professional certification and masters) because we want to or because the state mandates it? I am working on a portfolio that is a freaking nightmare but if I want to keep my job I have to do it.

By the way, the difference between goals, objectives, and learning targets is a matter of scale and timeline. The goal could be to learn about topic A, the objective is the specific items that will be learned and how the students will demonstrate learning, the learning target is what we are going to accomplish today. In case you were wondering.