Tuesday, June 20, 2017

When Leftists Try to Run Businesses

Though later today I'll be coming out with The Clarey Podcast, pour yourself a nice cup of coffee, charge up your cell phone, and listen to this excellent story about a leftist who wants to launch a grand opening party for his theater.  The story isn't great because of the leftist's delusional expectations, but the poor protagonist who has to deal with him.  It's truly shocking just how little leftists ever deal with money, let alone using their own to pay for things that they are so far removed from the true cost of things.


David said...

Look at the bright side. At least this leftist attempted being a businessman. That is way, way more than most leftist will do. Hopefully he learned something from his failure and will apply those lessons learned the next time he makes another attempt at entrepreneurship.

Unknown said...

Old and Busted: NPR Voice
New Hotness: Podcaster Voice
Where you talk like Aaron Clarey except you never get to the point.
Skip to 6:00 when he gets around to the theater.