Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How Leftists Waste Their Lives

A more recent rabbit hole of political thought I've been going down has been how the majority of leftists waste their lives.  This is caused by the primary driving force in their life - the fear of work, labor, and toil.  And though nobody likes labor, toil, or work, avoiding it is simply avoiding a necessary evil of life.  It is also a way to guarantee you'll never achieve anything of value, worth, or greatness in life as genuine accomplishment requires labor and toil.

This then presents a leftist a very important existential question - if you're not going to work, then what are you going to do?

And the only answer I've been able to see in their behavior is

"Become REALLY REALLY REALLY good at avoiding work and REALLY REALLY REALLY good at coming up with excuses as to why you're entitled to the fruits of other people's labor."

Which in all honest means your life not only sucks, but is completely wasted.

For example, the same people who tried to ban Ronald McDonald A DECADE AGO (because he is the cause of childhood obesity) cite accomplishments that in all reality, aren't accomplishments, but sad, pathetic excuses for wasting time.

There's the local chapter of the Sierra Club that for 15 YEARS tried to stop a bridge from being built over the St. Crois River....which was inevitably built anyway.

The eulogy of a leftist whose life I pointed out was nothing more than a waste.

And more recently, a student protest that has been going on for 17 years in Mexico.

As a fellow human, I'd normally try to help out these leftists, explaining why they're wasting their one and finite life on this planet achieving literally NOTHING.  But they're leftists.  They not smart, they're not intellectually honest, they're lazy, and they'd yell at me for trying to help them.  They're also hate-filled and would not doubt accuse me of an ism and being a white male.  So I guess the worst thing to do to them would be to...

cheer them on.


David Jravis said...

"The eulogy of a leftist whose life I pointed out was nothing more than a waste."

That's a MAN, baby!

Anonymous said...

Am I a leftist if I am ready, willing and able to work, but no one will hire me because I'm under 35?

David said...

Nothing wrong with being engaged and caring politically. Just don't let the politics rule your life. Politicians left or right only give a damn come re-election time.

Unknown said...

Lol the eulogy was a riot! I literally dont know how to quantify that "person", and yes, what a fucking waste of time

Unknown said...

That eulogy was a riot! I also dont know how to quantify that "person". Its like an article from the Onion. Yes Cap'n, what a fucking waste of time and life. Since "he" was a dude ANYWAY married to a WOMAN, he wouldnt have been a "lesbian". Im married to a woman and have three kids myself. I must "identify" as lesbian LOL

Joe said...

Another great Cappy post. I would disagree about calling work a necessary evil. Work, though painful while you are doing it, generates a lot of accomplishment and that in turn generates satisfaction.

Faithless Cynic said...

I tried to read the eulogy, I really did. I kept having some sort of allergic reaction and my eyes kept crossing. I told my wife the only thing I want in my obituary is the following : He was a good man who worked hard for his family, just like his father before him. If she is not willing to state that, then piss on it and skip the obituary.

Train wrecks like Ms. Lesbo Leftie make my somewhat disfunctional marriage look good :-)

hermilion said...

Unfortunately a leftist cousin of mine decided to be a coach ... i cannot cheer him because inevitably he is going to waste not only his time but also time of plenty of other people