Friday, June 23, 2017

Revolutioning the American Retirement System


Unknown said...

Revolutionize retirement. Simplest method? -- Don't.

Doing so as Americans generally practice retirement shortens their lives, shuts them off from meaningful existence, shutters them from society, warps the mind.

STxAR said...

I read this book. Excellent information. I doubt it will be popular because it hearkens back to a time when Americans saved, scrimped and planned.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had blundered into following the advice given in the book. We sold our family raising house to my daughter's family, and bought their starter house. Perfect for a couple and paid for by the equity of the other home.

If I mind my business, we should be pretty well ready when we retire.

Thank you for this book, it really filled in some of the gaps for me.

Unknown said...

"Retirement" is a lie man. It was a way to get old men out of jobs so young men could have them. This crap about not having to work anymore so you'll have more time for what you want is bullshit - all of it. You hear it constantly I suppose. Idiots who drone on about how when they finally retire they can travel and enjoy their lives. That whole spiel about self-actualization or some such rubbish. Look at reality. After about a month without work, most of these geezers croak. Without someone holding their feet to the fire, their drive peters out. Doesn't help that they're old either. Travelling is hard. Its hard on the young. Being cooped up on a plane is not where old people want to be. Those cruise ships look great on episodes of The Love Boat. That ship is a set. In real life, that thing is a queezy rocking deck that makes you sick. The ocean isn't the seabreeze you get from fragrances. Those old people who want to garden lose hope fast. Squatting down and picking weeds and planting seeds is about as fun as picking up trash. Its not some heaven waiting for you. Its a life not of leisure but boredom. Just wait until your wife and or significant other is pushing your old ass out the door cause she's sick of seeing you lying around. Most people have an identity from work. What they do is pretty much their life. Without their job, these geezers are just old farts with no reason to live.

Kurt said...

I'd leave a review on Amazon, but you taught me to be an asshole, so you'd have to pay me for my time.