Thursday, June 22, 2017

Is the HR Ditz FINALLY Extinct?

From my latest article at LinkedIn:

"I personally could not care less about the plight of these HR ditzes. They proved nothing more than a huge impediment to the labor force, the advancement of the economy, and the advancement of millions of people's careers. They were predominantly spoiled rotten brats from the suburbs, given undeserved and uncalled for power which they abused and went power-tripping with. And while I certainly know and appreciate some REAL HR professionals (benefits and compensation and employment law ARE real fields), the extinction of "Barbie the Know Nothing HR Ditz" and the idiot employers that used them will not be mourned."


Quartermain said...

Is the HR Ditz FINALLY Extinct?

I certainly hope so.

Unknown said...

Someone shared this with me on Linkedin.

I squeed

keep fighting the good (if futile) fight

Tucanae Services said...

As much as I applaud the observation provided; I must report that the HR Ditz is still alive and well in our organization. Sigh....

YIH said...

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Jim Scrummy said...

HR ditzes are like cockroaches, you may contain them but they always survive... Unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

They have not gone away - if anything they are infecting other business units too. Even in tech, corporations spend more time talking about feelings than looking at productivity and profits.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, a lot of them have moved into car dealerships as "F & I Professionals."
They make my world a living hell, mostly due to the Dealer Principals being thirsty WK types.
Somebody shoot me.