Thursday, June 29, 2017

How Smart People Can Find Happiness

Remember, "Curse of the High IQ" is always for sale.


Anonymous said...

Smart people are either miserable or outright sociopaths because most high-IQ professions require unethical practices. Lawyers, bankers, professors, etc are all morally retarded compared to bricklayers, welders, plumbers, and other tradesmen who do straight work that can't be faked. Simply doing an average job really well beats out doing a prestige job in the "normal" (unethical) modern way. This is just what the social structure of a degenerate empire looks like.

Smart people get far more out of religion than normal people. It's a much saner direction than turning into a Machiavellian mess and losing one's soul.

Anonymous said...

Well done Cappy. I took that IQ test you suggested and got a 149 and agree with your suggestions for this fellow.