Monday, June 12, 2017

Why Sheeple Deserve to be Taken Advantage Of

As I further trek down the path of Machiavellianism, opportunism, and legitimized mercenary behavior.


Anonymous said...

Really, really good one mate, well done.

To the OP: Clarey has given you a whole lot of good advice here and his comments about the fact that you'd be broken if you WEREN'T currently frustrated and angry are bang on. You sound like a smart, decent guy struggling in a difficult situation without the mental tools needed to make sense of it all and find a way forward.

Clarey just gave you those tools, it's up to you to incorporate them into your life.

Anonymous said...

I have always maintained that the general public of any nation or society is fair game to be exploited. Human stupidity is an endless resource. Human stupidity is also a net loss to society. At least those who are willing to exploit the masses are personally gaining something from their efforts. And the key word here is effort. Those who exploit the masses are actually putting forth tremendous effort to do so, as well as taking tremendous risk.

Most human populations are lazy, apathetic, sloppy, careless, selfish, etc. Most human populations do not want to think for themselves, let alone act on their own behalf. They demand so much, yet give back so little.

I'm not saying those who exploit the idiot masses are not criminals; they most certainly are. The golden rule applies. But most people want to live their own lives and not be bothered with the big picture. It's simply human nature. Life doesn't work that way. Others want to take what you have. They want to exploit you. If you don't resist them, you deserve to have your shit taken. Simple law of nature.

YIH said...

Thought I'd pass this along, ''welfare rate'' Amazon Prime. Oh, you think I'm kidding?
That's right, if you got an EBT card you get a discount for Amazon Prime. People (perhaps you?) who are paying full price for Amazon Prime are helping to pick up the tab for that welfare discount.

Bill said...

Oh for fuck sake. 😑