Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Left Will Gladly Eat It's Own

Like professors getting the shit kicked out of them at Middlebury, now those "cool, hip, leftist capitalists" are getting a taste of their own medicine.

Don't worry Ben and Jerry.  There's still enough hard working, rich, SWPL, suburban, ignorant republicans to keep buying your ice cream.


ronetc said...

"It's" always means "it is," always. "It's" is not a possessive. Really, it's simple: "it's" ALWAYS means "it is." It's one of the few rules in life a person can always trust. It's one of the few things of value I got out of my worthless English degree.

David Jravis said...

It's a common grammatical error that most people make, including myself. Try addressing the point, not the grammar, OK, goofball?

Or is that really all you've got? Being a grammar Nazi? I can't help but notice that people tend to do that when they have nothing relevant to counter with when they disagree with someone's argument.

By the way, since you're so anal about grammar, "worthless" should be in quotations, since you are obviously being sarcastic (you don't think your English degree is such) and you're clearly mocking Aaron's beliefs about your worthless English degree.

Note that there aren't quotations around it. Changes the meaning, doesn't it?

Unknown said...


$15 half-pint ice cream!


(Obvious sarcasm is obvious)

ronetc said...

Nah, Mr Jravis, you missed the point . . . or perhaps I did not make my point well. Proofreading is important. I in fact am a big fan of Mr Clarey and actually used his book on worthless degrees while teaching university composition classes, having students then research and write about their currently-chosen degree, to figure out if it was worthless or not. As Mr Clarey wrote, most English degrees are indeed worthless . . . but learning how to communicate clearly, including grammar and punctuation is an important tool for any writer, even one so generally superior as Mr Clarey. My modest hope was that my comment might prevent such, well, preventable errors in the future. Of course, no one is perfect, and we all make misteaks.

James said...

Ben and Jerry's ice cream sucks, it's such garbage.

David Jravis said...


Apologies, rontec. Guess I made an ass of myself. I withdraw my previous comment. I even re-read your first comment, thinking maybe you were being sarcastic, but incorrectly concluded that you weren't, based on the format.

Lesson learned.