Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Cowboy Bebop to Get Live Action Show


For those of you who don't know what Cowboy Bebop is, one, hit yourself for lacking culture, and two, see the sample below:

Now go buy the series, watch it, so you can be as excited about the prospects of a live action show of Cowboy Bebop.


Unknown said...

Its one of my favorites. It also happened to be one I grew up with. I have a hard time getting excited about live action adaptations because they always screw it up in one way or another. Ill hold judgement until I see it.

YIH said...

Don't get your hopes up Cappy. If the track record of famous anime to live action movies is any indication, this one's gonna suck too.

Anonymous said...

I never get excited by stuff like this because of the 98% chance of it being fucked up.

If Hollywood gets its mitts on it, Faye Valentine will be the group leader and played by Leslie Jones.

Unknown said...