Friday, June 02, 2017

Global Warming - The Forced Religion by the State

I was kicking around writing a piece about my take on Trump leaving the Paris Accord.  My spin was not going to be so much about global warming, but how this was indeed the ballsy, bold leadership I'd like to see on the international stage a little bit more.  A harsh reminder to the Europhiles, UN, and One World Government tyrants that, like Brexit, you don't fucking own us.

But this is just as good anyway.


Marshallaw said...

I find it hilarious that Merkyl and Macaroni don't publicise the fact that bringing more 3rd world migrants into western countries will increase those countries carbon emissions ten fold as these "migrants" adopt he western way or life! They can't see the irony, it is totally lost on them. They don't even believe their own religion! And Merkyl? How many years do they get in Germany to be chancellor? She must be going on 15 at this stage. Then again the Germans love a dictator by any other name.......

Tucanae Services said...

Cappy, you make the best argument to defeat eco-terrorism then walk away from it. Wow. An interesting effort should be mounted to get ecology nuts branded as a religion. If successful then it eliminates federal aid for all the globalist eco BS. aka Separation of Church and State.

evilwhitemalempire said...

Unless you honestly think power companies masochistically enjoy paying for coal when they could instead just sell people electricity that costs them nothing to generate then you MUST conclude that renewables are not economical.

Unless you honestly think Mike’s ‘nature trick’ was some sort of statistical jargon, unless you think honest scientists routinely exchange e-mails where they discuss dodging FOIA requests you MUST conclude that global warming

leeholsen said...

some energy facts about why green energy is economically a horrible idea:

1. wind has a 20% effecincy vs. 85% in coal, gas and nuclear, this means wind loses 3/4 of the energy from the windmill to your outlet, the others lose 15%.
2. to replace the 22% of natural gas that currently powers the usa, you'd have to use 300,000 windmills and that doesnt include the transmission lines
3. the current cost to develop the transmission lines for 130 windmills in cape cod
is 93 billion dollars, so wind would bankrupt the usa
4.In 2009, the United States; in an effort to become a green nation installed a
record 9,900 megawatts of wind power. This was enough to power 2.4 million homes,
but at the same time; the wind industry cut 2,000 jobs.
Record windmills put up and we lost green jobs, how can that be ?
5. coal comes in around $23 to make a megawatt hour of electricity with the next
best thing being gas at around $44 and those lovely renewables are barely in the
same neighborhood with wind costing around $142 and solar costing around $396
6. the U.S. has 27% of the world’s recoverable coal. if Germany had 27% of the world's recoverable coal, it likely would not be in favor of the paris accord wanting to cut its coal production either.
7. If the usa could use coal in theory for 100% of its energy needs because it has the coal to last 200 years it is estimated it would raise the global temperature by 0.1 degrees and cut energy costs by up to 75% as coal is 50% cheaper than the next source of energy by megawatt hour to produce, or it could bankrupt itself
through wind and solar.