Thursday, June 15, 2017

Will Politics Ruin the "Black Panther" Movie?

Do not confuse the movie "Black Panther" with the political group, "The Black Panthers."  I know if a movie called "The KKK" came out, it might raise some eye brows, but the movie is based off of a Marvel comic book superhero who had a prominent role in the latest Avengers movie - Black Panther - not the political group.  But with the origins of Black Panther out of the way, I'm afraid the movie faces more hurdles than merely its name.  Namely, and not surprisingly, political ones.  And it's all up to Marvel and Hollywood to ensure it jumps them.

Understand Hollywood and Marvel Studios (owned by Disney), not to mention corporate America at large, has capitalized on the "PC, political, going-green, environmentalism, diversity virtue signaling" political infrastructure/religion that has been laid down on Millennials and Gen Xer's.  Since "Captain Planet" the public schools, colleges, and media has built an entire religion that the majority of young people subscribe to, derive value from, and sadly, often put as the sole point and purpose of their life.  We can argue the merits or drawbacks of this later, but the point is that if you put in a politically correct message about diversity, going green, you-go-girlism, etc., you immediately tap into and avail yourself of this political infrastructure and psyche the majority of the US population has...all at no cost.  Alas, why all corporations are bragging about their "carbon foot print," offering gender neutral bathrooms, and Chipolte can't just make a f@cking burrito without bragging about how organic they are.  It's so bad (and blatant) even the leftist GUARDIAN acknowledges corporations are paying lip service to get naive leftist millennials to part with their money.

The only problem is that after having this political sermon shoved down their throats in school, college, home, the church, television, and the movies for 30 years, Americans are starting to burn out on all the "wholesome goodie two shoes leftist liberal" virtue signaling.  Worse, for studios stupid enough to keep shoving rah rah she-rah feminist propaganda down America's throat, their shareholders lose money as they famously did in the painful "Feminist Ghostbusters."

Surprise, surprise, after having lefty politics infused in nearly every aspect of their lives, Americans just want to sit back and

oh, I don't know,

watch a f#cking movie.

This is why "Wonder Woman" was such a pleasant surprise.  There was not one, NOT ONE, ounce of feminism, rah-rah-you-go-girlism BS in the entire movie.  The director still couldn't help but get knives in for the "white man" taking away Indian lands or a Moroccan who couldn't act in France because he wasn't white, but it still was a welcomed HERCULEAN accomplishment not to go for the politically-mandated-low-hanging-fruit and make Wonder Woman a sermon on feminism.  It wasn't a great movie, but it was fun ENTERTAINMENT.

This gives me hope for Black Panther.  Marvel can learn from DC Comics and realize that people, black or white, are kind of getting sick and tired of politics being put in everything, including their entertainment.  They also have the huge opportunity that, like Wonder Woman, they can introduce a truly first original black superhero and NOT merely co-opt a white one, turning him black, which Marvel has a horrific track record of doing.  Not only is co-opting insulting to comic book readers, fans of the original heroes, and their originators, but it should also be insulting to blacks (and other minorities) that Marvel (until Black Panther) didn't deem it appropriate to create a truly ORIGINAL black superhero.  The issue is, is Marvel/Disney going to make a GOOD AND ENTERTAINING MOVIE, or are they going to sermon and lecture the audience about being evil racist people?

It's too early to tell since the movie doesn't come out until February 2018.  The trailer introduces a hidden El Dorado civilization as the backdrop for Black Panther, begetting predictable accusations of "We-Waz-Kaaaangggzzzz!-ism," and resulting in a premature (and all too tiring) discussion about race (besides which, Black Panther NEEDS an origin and I think this fits wells).  And the truth is the world's first original black super hero was going to have pointless racial discussions about it anyway.  However, I wish for nothing more than Marvel to rise above this and just make a damn good movie, void of politics, for the entertainment of all.  I, however, am not going to hold my breath and will wait until others see it first to ensure I don't pay to be lectured or sermoned at. Terribly sorry, I got enough of that in college.
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Anonymous said...

Luke Cage precedes Black Panther as far as having their own dedicated movie/show. BP appeared in Captain America while LC appeared in Jessica Jones on Netflix before his own show. Cage was pretty campy, but after seeing some of the original comics it seemed in like with the books (which also seemed pretty campy). Really hoping Marvel can come up with a story that isn't racially motivated, which they seemed to have done pretty well at, movie wise, thus far.

Webtrafficblogger said...

With (((news))) outlets already calling for whites to stay home on the premier to "avoid white gaze", I don't think we'll get the desired effect.

Especially with the insane WE WUZ trivial fluff like with Wonder Woman (weird how they can only created these utopias of all women or all black societies with CGI LOL)

It still may be a minor success, but don't see it hit anywhere near WW since it's only pandering to 15% of the population instead of 54%

David Jravis said...

What? No mention of Meteor Man? Oh, for shame.

Calm down, that was a joke.

Observasaurus Rex said...

I won't bother with the black panther movie. I'm not betting 20$ against it being a "we wuz kangz till dem cracker ass crackers ruined it!" movie. Plus the character as seen in captain America was just boring. Wolverine in an invulnerability suit? Yawn. For diversity's sake though, they should make black panther an indian (dot or feather, dealer's choice) fat female lesbian with a missing arm though. I'm sure blacks will be fine with that cosmetic and therefore irrelevant change to the character right?

Unknown said...

Yeah you don't know how bad this character is do you? Black Panther is in fact based on the notoriety of The Black Panthers. Its backstory is so ridiculous it may as well be called "We Wuz Kangs: The Motion Picture". The comic book crashed and burned spectacularly. The story of this guy is ludicrous. Its practically lifted right off of DC's Gorilla Grodd, except its blacks instead of gorillas. No really. Its that bad.
The We Wuz Kangs meme has been going around for years. Calypso Louie Farrakhan and his magical space wheel, the flying pyramid spaceships from Stargate SG-1, and even the blacks were every famous historical figure that YT stole and made black are all part of the crazyworld worldview.
The Black Panther takes the Gorilla Grodd African hidden city of superintelligent apes and makes it into a mythical black kingdom. Its supposedly the most advanced society on MARVEL Earth, if you can believe that. Yeah Dr. Doom can beat The Beyonder and Reed Richards can ward off Galactus, but Black Panther is the scientist who comes from a long "history" of geniuses. Its so bad, that it always flops. The comic died quick, had a limited run, and you cannot get 2 cents for any of these issues.
The stupid myth of black kingdoms is big budget box office poison. Wakanda, the black kingdom that has THE HIGHEST STANDARDS OF LIVING AND SCIENCE ON MARVEL EARTH. Even The High Evolutionary cannot do better. In China, Japan, Korea, India and other non-white nations, you won't see this shown in a broom closet, its so ridiculous.

Unknown said...

watch32 - A great addition to the MCU. Great acting, beautiful visuals and some intense action. First impressive thing I noticed was its rich attention to detail in world building and its characters. My only criticism, I would have like to have seen more of the Killmonger character, as I feel they didn't go far enough with him. Over-all, this is a fun and enjoyable movie with action, comedy, drama. There are some complex social political overtones mixed in, but it never feels heavy handed, and I feel that the over-all message is positive for humanity as a whole. If this type of movie isn't your cup of tea, fair enough, but if you are on the fence about watching due to pre-conceived notions about its content and message, I would recommend you give it a try, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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