Monday, June 05, 2017

Life's Too Short for Politics

Allow me to tell you about my weekend.

Both mornings I woke up with the long legged Amazonian around 10AM.  She made us coffee.  We sat in bed for an hour exchanging ideas and flirtations, in between checking out phones and seeing what was going on in the world.  I can't remember if it was Saturday or Sunday morning there was the latest attack in London, but I didn't care, though we did chat a bit about how we didn't care.  Inevitably we got up.  Enjoyed a motorcycle ride towards Wisconsin.  Dinner and lunches at various locales.  And then my buddy picked us up in his convertible and we headed to a cigar lounge, after which we grabbed ice cream at a local ice cream parlor.  I truly can't tell which events were on Saturday and which were on Sunday because it was all good.

This La-La-Land was briefly punctured, however, when I went to the gym.  Where on the boobtube were the talking heads of Fox and CNN, trying to digest the terror attack in London and Trump's exit from the Paris Accord as if it there were some kind of science.  They all had stern faces, they were all so very serious, and though they all have impressive Mickey Mouse degrees from Columbia and Brown, I knew it was all pointless and irrelevant.  Nothing I was going to do was going to change the events of the world. Nothing they were saying was going to change the events of the world.  And putting the Serenity Prayer into practice, I continued about my day committed to enjoying the decline.

The same, however, could not be said of the people populating my various social media feeds.  For there were two main camps of people letting politics ruin their otherwise glorious weekend;

People freaking out over the latest terror attack and people freaking out over Trump leaving the Paris Accord.

Admittedly, most of my feeds were populated with conservatives and other non-leftists taking the ultimate ZFG and "meh" approach to the latest visitation by The Truck of Peace.  It was getting so bad I almost feel a lot of us are cheering on the terrorists because how can you respect a people who won't stand up for themselves?  But if I left my echo chamber to check out what the "real world" was saying and it was the exact same regurgitated panic/slop that always comes with terrorists attacks.

And signs at concerts telling the world how they are united.

The other camp was purely leftists doing nothing but FREAKING THE FRICK OUT over Donald Trump leaving the climate claptrap scam accord.  Kathy Griffin's stint of a beheaded Donald Trump understates just how pissed off these people were.  These leftists were seething, uncontrollably angry at Donald Trump, so much so that it was apparent they were obsessed with whatever the Don was doing that weekend (Paris Accord or not), and consequently let that completely determine their mood...and thus their weekend.  Ironically, the enemies of Trump were letting him have another victory in letting him ruin their precious and finite weekends.

Alas, it is here, in the weekend of June 3rd-4th of 2017, that a vitally important lesson lies for all of us, whether you're a "political news junkie" addicted to Drudge Report or mentally retarded SJW frothing at the mouth over Donald Trump's each and every move.  And that lesson is just how many people let politics ruin their lives.  Because whether you're on the right or on the left, too many of you are pissing away precious and vital time you don't have on things that you do not control, and therefore, ultimately doesn't matter.

Take, for example, the right wing "news junkies" or people who intravenously consume their news from Fox, Drudge, Heat Street, or conservative talk radio.  Worse, consider the increasing number of non-leftist Americans who actually believe the British tabloids like the Sun Herald or Daily Mail.  Before the clock hits 8:01 AM, they're already pissed off, angry at the Anti-American world around them, and are immediately put on the defensive for the rest of the day.  They post things on Facebook, Twitter, or what have you, about things they ultimately do not control, solely as a means of therapy so they may digest the world that is collapsing around them.  I'm not saying the world isn't in a bad state, but I wonder if obsessing over it, to the point it is your life isn't worse than the fate of the world itself.

Bad as that is though, the left takes politics to a whole new metastasized level.  For while people on the right predominantly care about politics because it affects them, the left (and admittedly an increasing number of people on the right) obsess over politics because...

they have nothing else in life.

At least rightists have families, friends, hobbies, loved ones, etc., lives OUTSIDE of politics that they pursue and enjoy.  They get upset when politics interrupts or threatens these lives and pursuits of happiness, which prompts their passionate interest in politics in the first place.  But most leftists do not have families, hobbies, interests, or lives, leaving them only with politics as a sad and pathetic substitute.  And if you don't believe, please, by all means look at the bio, background or social media profile of any leftist.  You'll sadly see an emphasis on their politics, ideology, worthless liberal arts degree, or whatever virtue signaling political crusade, instead of something fun or meaningful like hang-gliding, ballroom dancing, spouse, children, or business.  In short, leftists have no core because cores usually take effort, labor, sacrifice, selflessness and work. And leftist politics, whatever their strain (feminism, environmentalism, rank socialism, racial politics, etc.) are an effortless faux religion that provides fabricated meaning to their meaningless lives.

This provides a silver, albeit sad, lining to the cloud of socialism that is inexorably covering the world.  Leftists are MISERABLE because all they have in life is their religion of politics.  They cannot escape its grasp because there is nothing else they have in life.  Ergo, they are completely at the whim of it.

Their happiness is not determined by whether they start a company or go fishing.
It's determined by whether a guy with a funny hair cut leaves a climate accord.

It's not determined by spending time with their children or sex with their spouse.
It's determined by what Anderson Cooper said that evening.

It's not determined by going outside and climbing a mountain or finishing a marathon.
It's determined by Dove soap making a fat-acceptance commercial.

And their happiness is not determined by friends, engaging conversation, and the humor therein.
It's determined by whether Bernie Sanders will forgive student loans.

Look back at this past weekend and ask yourself a question.  Did you enjoy it, or like a leftist, did you let politics ruin it for you?  Because I don't know if you knew this or not, but you're going to die.  And life is too short to be like a miserable SJW millennial, an angry feminist, or even a "Fox News Junkie" to waste it on politics. I suggest you learn to enjoy the decline instead.
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Jim Scrummy said...

I must admit, I do look at the headlines on Drudge and Breitbart, but, I may read a total of 4 articles a day at those sites. Politics lost much of my interest years ago, because it's all BS. I was once a "Legislative Liaison" aka lobbyist 20 years ago. Left that gig and really had zero taste for any politics since that time. I also sucked at being a lobbyist, just had a hard time sucking up to stupid people such as congressional staffers (the minions as I called them) to get face time with some Joe Blow Congressman or Senator. Many times when I would go to hearings on "The Hill", where I spent most of my time doing crossword puzzles or reading a book or magazine. Watching paint dry on a wall is more fun than attending congressional committee hearing. It's all kabuki theatre on "The Hill".

Your weekend was great, I had a pretty good weekend myself. Politics and the stuff happening in the UK made me pause for about 10 minutes to get up to date with the happenings, then back to more important things, like drinking some good beer and eating good food. Take care of the local stuff that you can control, such as having good physical fitness. That could go along way in aiding anyone who may be confronted with a crappy situation such as what happened in the UK.

Ben Cohen said...

What's the best way to kick this addiction?

Unknown said...

Clarey, I have a feeling we would be good buddies.

In spite of your potty mouth cynicism. Hehe.

hermilion said...

It is very true observation - conservative way of life is a receipt for personal success .. and when you go away of it - you lose on personal level so you are starting to be even more clingy to leftovers - and those are politics, the other people life and useless hobbies.

LondoMollari said...

Well put, and I'm guilty of it this past weekend. I actually stopped myself this morning when I asked myself "why am I posting this? What difference will it make?". Keep up the blogging - great stuff!

rw95 said...

Beginning to think you're right about this, Cappy.

The west wants to die. We might as well let it. There's nothing we can do as individuals to stop it.

Bill said...

A 2 week camping trip to Montana.

Anonymous said...

Grade "A" stuff. You are right; Fuck these cunts.

Bill said...

Aside from Youtube videos about current events produced by my favorite creators, I really don't try to keep up with the current news stories.
But for some reason, my life hasn't degraded in quality from not keeping up with the times, it's a miracle!

hermilion said...


"West have to die" Let me add to you a particular point of view from my culture (Polish) - one that survived whole cycle you are now a part of.

You had a greatness of XVIII century with building fundamentals, growth of XIX century, richness & oligarchy grow in XX century, constant war for past 50 years .. we as Poland has been there in XV, XVI and XVII century. We had a country that was as great as it could be (tolerant, republic, free speech, everybody envied us, winning wars with 40:1 armies easily)

The result of many works why Poland died is: rich oligarchy (magnats) worked though government layers within 300 years to replace voting middle class interest (szlachta) with their own interest, mostly by pushing them into poverty and then buying their votes. SOUNDS FAMILIAR? Then they sold their influence to external powers ..

The idea is: Country may molder & die, but nation needs to survive and in few hundred years of tears, blood and sweat you can rebuild basic values of society.

Please view this English podcast about how it was:

Anonymous said...

No breakfast? Maybe it was an accidental ommision, but your narrative leaps from coffee to "dinner and lunches" with nary a mention of a pancake, sausage, or egg. This seems an odd and puzzling oversight for someone that purports to enjoy their life. Again, maybe you actually had a piece of toast or something with your coffee, but skipped over it due to a lapse in memory or, maybe, just because there is nothing glamorous or inspiring about toast (yours anyway.) But then, maybe you did, indeed, omit breakfast from your activites that day. Maybe getting breakfast was difficult or impossible that day due to other circumstances that you didn't touch upon. But if it was possible, and you neglected to get it anyway, I would urge you to reconsider in the future. Maybe you are one of those people that never eat breakfast. You should know that those people are wrong. Don't be wrong. Eat breakfast.

Zachriel said...

Captain Capitalism: But most leftists do not have families, hobbies, interests, or lives, leaving them only with politics as a sad and pathetic substitute. And if you don't believe, please, by all means look at the bio, background or social media profile of any leftist.

"She is married to Gary Cunningham, CEO and President of the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (Meda) and a member of the Metropolitan Council. They have two children, four grandchildren and two cats."

So, it sounds like she has a family after all. You chose your own example, and it showed exactly the opposite of what you said it did — that is, unless you think that being married and having children, grandchildren and cats doesn't constitute having a family or having a life.

David Jravis said...

Zachriel, he said MOST leftists, not ALL leftists. It's in your own damn cut and paste. So congratulations, you brought up one of the rare exceptions to the rule. Pat yourself on the back, and give yourself a cookie.

Oh, and cats aren't "family". They're pets. Animals that cost money and need to be taken care of BY a family. So much for the "gotcha" moment.

Now, back to the topic...

Not too long ago, I was obsessed with politics. I was at the point that I listened to talk radio nearly the entire day. Eventually, I realized (partially due to Cappy himself, especially after reading "Enjoy The Decline") that all I was really succeeding in doing was making myself angry while accomplishing nothing. Therefore, I spent most of my day angry.

Not anymore. I don't pay much attention to political news (including YouTube personalities). Sure, I slip up now and then, but eventually catch myself and ask "WTF am I reading/watching this for?" What is the point of being informed, if there's NOTHING that you can do about it?

To paraphrase a quote from “John Wick"... "I will do nothing, because I can do nothing".

Now I'll get the fuck out of your sight.

Zachriel said...

David Jravis: he said MOST leftists, not ALL leftists. It's in your own damn cut and paste. So congratulations, you brought up one of the rare exceptions to the rule.

It was his example.