Tuesday, June 06, 2017

How Vasectomies Put Reproductive Control Back in the Hands of Men

Remember, I got a vasectomy over a decade ago.

Just now the ALTERNATIVE media is getting around to realizing the ROI of a vasectomy.

Can you imagine how long it will be before the MSM gets around to it?  If the education bubble is any indicator it'll be 2078 before the MSM warns you about sperm jacking and worthless degrees!

You can be ahead of the curve or behind it.  And if you want to be ahead of it remember to drop in and occasionally real the Ole Captain, this book prominent of which would do men wonders.


Anonymous said...

The Private Man once showed me a Craiglist post he did some years ago, where he, under a false name, told of how he had a vasectomy and then relished with glee the look on the face of the chick that tried to spermjack him. Her look was priceless.

However, in addition to the snip, he had a document from his doctor certifying him as snipped, because the same chick tried to pin the kid on him after he told her that he was snipped.

Gents . . . get snipped, but also get the docs to prove it in case you have to go to court.

kurt9 said...

Yes! I read that piece, which was titled "Vasectomy $400, Speechless Look on Her Face Priceless" (like the credit card commercial of the time). It was very good. I had heard it was the Private Man (may he rest in Peace) who had written that.