Wednesday, May 02, 2012

1730, December 25th, 1993

This is a repost of a classic I wrote LONG ago, so at least 80% of you haven't read it.  It was inspired by Badger when he wrote a post about flaking and I think it's high-time to revisit it.

I will explain this very clearly so we all understand.

Girls, there is a consequence and a price you pay for "flaking out" on innocent good boys in your youth.  You may find it funny, you may get a kick out of it, you may be doing it for sick and twisted kicks, or you may just be a coward and are too afraid to go on the date, but regardless of the reason, when you and hundreds of other girls flake out on a good boy, he transforms.  He never grows up to become a "good man," he becomes a player, a bad boy, a cad.  And while you may enjoy the "bad boy" in your 20's and it's all fun, when it comes time that you want a family and children, you'll decide that NOW you want a "good man."

What's funny, though, is just how many 30 something and 40 something women are now asking where all the good men have gone.  Not to mention how they complain about all these "Man-Boys" not manning up.  It's almost as if there are no good men out there.

Kind of funny, because I knew a good man once.  Back at 1729 hrs on December 25th, 1993. Never knew what happened to him.


Izanpo said...

Cappy, was this the time you were working as a security guard and some chick invited you to spend Christmas Day with her family, and she bailed on you without a word?

I never understood why you would want to spend Christmas Day in the company of a bunch of strangers.

Anonymous said...

Treat a good boy nice in his 20's, lock him down, treat him good, he'll develop into a good man, give you babies, provide for you until your old age, and keep you warm with his love.

Flake out on the good boys, turn 'em into bad boys, they'll do you, do your friends, play video games, and if they do decide (at age 43) to get married, it'll be to a 25 year old hottie. FWIW, bad boys do not volunteer to pay for IVF treatments.

Captain Capitalism said...


Yep, that's the only job I worked (bar interning) in school.

She wasn't a stranger, I went on I think two dates or so with her. Plus it was free food!


Unknown said...

Almost all of the flakes I knew in college have ended up alone, bitter, living in an apartment with a cat for company.

They're always muttering to themselves, "Men are responsible for all the problems in the world."

Anonymous said...


I clicked through and read your story. I can relate -- big time. I know those feelings very well. There isn't a man alive who hasn't felt that. Fortunately, she shoved a red pill down your throat.

Know what I got?

From my mom: "Well, she blew you off because you weren't nice enough. If girls don't want to date you, it's because you are not nice enough. You need to be nicer."

From my dad: "You need to keep your d**k in your pants. If girls are blowing you off it is because you are trying to f**k them. That's not nice. You have to be nicer."

From my sisters: "Well, if she blew you off it's because you were a d**k to her. Women don't ignore and blow off guys for stupid reasons. We only ignore and get rid of the d**ks. So you must have been a d**k to her. You weren't nice. You need to be nicer."

And so I was nicer. And we all know where that gets us.


P Ray said...

^ Women give terrible advice to men about dating, and if they know who you're trying to date they have a tendency to negatively interfere (or at least do things which make you out to be a desperate loser).
Parents give bad advice because they are scared good advice will make their boy a "player".
Newsflash, advice doesn't turn a guy into a player: life experience does.
And there would not be players, if women did not want them.
The idea that women are being "tricked" by players is a symptom of a misandric society:
Players are also spending their time with that woman, is their time not worth anything?