Monday, May 28, 2012

But I'm Just an Idiot

Read this.

Then read this.

But whatever you do, don't listen to me.  No, I don't know what I'm talking about.  I'm an idiot and on top of it, I have no gray hair.  Me and the likes of me have not the ability or the youthful idealism and vision to revolutionize economies to the point our little debt problems would be squashed mercilessly into oblivion by massive economic growth.  And we wouldn't want that.  So whatever you do, don't listen to me and I hope you like cheap nursing homes because the status quo is your god.


sisterbrat said...

For the last 10 years I have lived where I could walk to work if needed. I have trouble grasping commutes. I mean I understand them but I do not understand how people remain functional with them. I think if people added up lost time, taxes, wear and tear on the car and all the other hidden expenses of commuting they would puke.

How do you work and cook dinner? How do you work and go to school plays? How do you work and go to school and cook dinner and pay attention to your family? Is it really worth it?

Unknown said...

Hmmm. All those jobs that, you know, make, extract, or transport things of value require the worker's presence somewhere other than their home office attired in a bathrobe.

Not everyone works in an air conditioned cubicle with a computer and VOIP phone.

Philosophy Major said...

speaking of nursing homes, how come you deem it acceptable to outsource the care of the elderly, but not of children? seems incongruous to me.

Anonymous said...

Unhealthy mouth breathers have to show up for work because they can't be productive otherwise. Very few people can match their supervised performance, and there is an extremely small group that does better with no one watching.

In any case, pressure from women stops this efficiency more than anything. They despise walking, and they love face to face interactions. Automobile addiction doesn't happen in patriarchal societies, even when their wealth and weather should demand it.

Captain Capitalism said...

Phil Major,

The difference is that a child is a child. It needs upbringing.

A nursing home takes care of an adult. An adult (by definition of the word) would have had the insurance/financial investments in place to pay for his/her elder care.

In other words, I'm the only person who really does think about the children. And I don't give a flying f about the adults who should have known better.

Captain Capitalism said...


Wait, we produce things here in the US?

I thought we were just the world's shopping mall living on Chinese and Arab credit.

Philosophy Major said...

'cheap' is underestating the dismal future supply of nursing homes, financial investments notwithstanding - 'crap but still expensive' would be more accurate. anyway, at a time when even your socialist neighbour is calling on more 'home based care' to deal with inadequate elder care, IMO women will have to exit the workforce a) to take care of the elderly that will fall through the government/private cracks b) produce more children to pay tax for gov. care and provide future private care and c)This exit will REDUCE COMMUTER TRAFFIC BY HALF (roughly)
However, this poses a dismal loss ito the sunk costs of all those worthless degree ;-) BTW you suffer from Cassandra complex

Captain Capitalism said...

Heh, you have no idea how right you are. Cassandra, myself and Ayn Rand have a date in heaven at a later time.

Anonymous said...

On site presence is one of the reasons my job hasn't been offshored to India.

That and a plethora of skills amd experience they couldn't begin to get.

Anonymous said...

James Wolfe said...

People often ask me why I live out in the country and have to drive so far to work. And the reason I always give is "so I don't have to live next to you people". Everyone with few exceptions that lives ITP (inside the perimeter) are socialists. The can not survive without some form of govt assistance. Either they are stupid and poor and rely on welfare and Medicare or they are highly educated (and equally stupid about basic economics) and rely on tax payer funded transportation and other services.

They live in noisey filthy crowded slums or noisey fake crowded condo villages, there are people everywhere constantly in your way, the streets are nothing but continuous potholes, the sidewalks are full of weeds, and the sky is filled with nothing but billboards and overhead wires, and after 8 hours of being at work I can't wait to get the Hell out of there.
Where I live it's quiet and the neighbors are real and friendly and there are mountains nearby and streams that aren't surrounded by concrete and full of trash. Every minute I'm at home is like being on vacation. The stress is not the commute. The stress is having to go back into town. Working from home days are a true joy. Peace and quiet and just leave me the Hell alone.

Unknown said...

Captain Capitalism said...

"Unknown, Wait, we produce things here in the US?
I thought we were just the world's shopping mall living on Chinese and Arab credit."

Probably not completely correct, but it will soon will be if we are all working in our spare bedroom at home. The more the Captain's vision comes true, the more screwed we are and I'd like to avoid it.