Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day Bang by Roosh V

Roosh V, if you know him, is no shrinking violet.  Certainly part of the pick up segment of the Manosphere, which thusly means he curses, uses vulgarity and speaks like 1/2 the population does every day.  Sadly it is his vulgarity and cursing people focus on instead of the substance of what he writes when they start forming opinions about him.

Does he speak the truth about the realities between men and women?


Does he speak the truth when theorizing about male and female sexuality?


But are these truths uncomfortable (contradictory as truths being uncomfortable is)?


And therefore he is an evil misogynist that must be silenced and black listed from society.

Now I knew this going into buying "Day Bang."  I was expecting cursing, swearing and the use of words and terms even I find disagreeable, but actually, none of that materialized.  Matter of fact what did materialize was a well thought out book deserving of mention and recommendation that is neither vulgar or insulting, but rather quite helpful for both sexes.

I bought "Day Bang" for several reasons.  One, since I am already spoken for, it was the one book out of his series of books that piqued my interest the most.  Night game, regular game, sure, been there, done that, learned it empirically.  But how to pick up chicks during the day, now that's different.  Two, I wanted to see if what I learned the hard way correlated with what a professional recommended.  And three, well, he linked to my book and was kind enough to write a review, so you all better go and buy his book if this here review interests you.

First you must understand that this is not so much a novel or a book as much as it is a how-to manual.  I was at first originally peeved with what seemed to be the same example recited over and over again.  However, it dawned on me this wasn't The Grapes of Wrath.  This was a guide for men, of all ages, how to approach women during the day.  The examples were repetitive on purpose, but varied to

1.  re-iterate the basic principles of approaching
2.  give you multiple approaches and variations to adapt to different environments and situations.

The more I read, the more I realized Roosh has indeed thought these things through AND tested them multiple times AND in different environments so that readers would have an effective tool useable in many situations.

Second, to my surprise, the book had little to no vulgarity, let alone sexuality about it.  It WAS a very serious, borderline scientific book.  If you were expecting filth and foul and flarn and filth, you will be let down.  I think there are MAYBE 4 vulgarities in the entire book.  Additionally, he never mentions sex.  It is only to get the girl on the date, which may or may not lead to sex.  If anything it is a truly innocent book in that key to the entire strategy is having the mindset of an old, innocent man, approaching a young lady for help.  He may have one thing on his mind, but it isn't in the gutter and it certainly wasn't obvious in the book.

Third, he addresses and emphasizes the limitations of the scientific method.  He doesn't claim this is a silver bullet that will get a 100% success rate.  He admits the limitations and the requirements of day game AND also states up front it takes effort and investment.  You CAN'T just approach one girl per week.  You have to approach at least 3 girls a day.  You AREN'T going to get 90% of the girls to throw their numbers at you, at BEST it will be 40% with tight game.  You SHOULD be natural, never rehearse your lines or force a pre-scripted conversation, but still run through a couple trial runs at home to get used to general flow and general bullet points you may want to bring up.  If there is any "complaint" I have about the book, it's the FACT that you do have to put a lot of effort into this.  MGTOW and aging alphas may be reminded of the sheer time cost and investment required to chase the ladies.

As I said before I am already spoken for and this book is not for those of you who upped your game and are having success, nor is it for "retirees" from game who decided to buy a motorcycle and go.  But it IS a MUST for young men or boys who are about to enter the fray of dating, if for any other reason day approaches are easier and cheaper than night approaches.  You needn't waste your time or money on covers, booze, drinks, parking, etc.  You just go about the course of your regular day and the opportunities are bountiful and numerous.

In short, like many things in the Manosphere, "I wish I had this when I was younger."  But thankfully there are a lot of young men and boys out there that should be reading this right next to their freshman comp book.  Additionally, if you're a veteran, you might as well pick it up to see how your game compared, not to mention for the intellectual interest it provides for us old farts.  I had many outright guffaws as many as "aha, I see said the blind man" moments with this book.

Regardless, buy Day Bang!

Also available in Kindle.


Not Jennifer Aniston said...

Roosh is a solid writer who knows his stuff and shares it unselfishly with readers. I started with his blog, then read Bang, then read Day Bang, and am now on Dead Bat in Paraguay. I also frequently check out his forum which is a wealth of knowledge (was it beta to mention this?). His tweets are cool, too. I love that guy.

FSK said...

The Southern Poverty Hate Center wrote about Roosh, so you know he's doing something right.

Here's the links.

Odds said...

I own all of Roosh's books. Good stuff. The man is a scientist by trade so it shows in his books about picking up girls. Roosh said some great things on his forum about your book Worthless, which convinced me to buy it, read, and give to my younger brother in high school. Lot of good writers in this neck of the internets.

BigD said...

Good to see this cross-pollination of the manosphere. Roosh is tirelessly employing scientific method globally to help men enjoy better success. I'd argue that knowing your way around the female psyche, and having a good command of PUA, will bear the most profound impact on your economic life outside of career choice.

Anonymous said...

"You just go about the course of your regular day and the opportunities are bountiful and numerous."

We must SO have different "regular days", though my curiosity is piqued.

It's kind of like "teen movies" my teens were so totally different as to make them interesting anthropological documents of the aliens I live amongst. (Granting that they are wild "dramatizations" and exaggerations.)

Anonymous said...

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