Wednesday, May 09, 2012

For Your Wednesday Night Reading Pleasure

Most fathers could be reached for comment, but let's imagine we're holy and virtuous like widows anyway.

A chart of hell and where California sits in it.

New Yorkers deserve to pay higher prices for everything...and they do.

Didn't I just explain this?  It's called Jennifer Aniston Economics!

Oh ho ho!  Dr. Helen, you sure are funny.  "Picking up the check!"  That's a good one!

I just refuse to donate because statistically chances are my organs would go to a liberal.  I'm not joking.

Charlie goes into more detail about "Black Studies" than I cared too and pulls up what we all suspected.  Leftist claptrap that does nothing to actually help blacks.

See, see!  I included Tam this time!  I didn't forget! (unlike how she forgot about me and my book...sniff sniff).


Anonymous said...

New York is GOD DAMNED RACKET. The "best" college graduates score those 160k investment banker lawyer consultant private equity jobs, work 80-100 hours a week, and wonder why it feels like their pay is utterly average. (doctors too now, and this is before Obamacare really heats up!)

Then, they start to pay their Ivy League debt and wonder if Burger King would have been the right move, or if they'll be in the 5 percent who make partner and a decent living. If not, they're on the streets an old, burned out 35 and suited for nothing but Burger King, where they should have gone in the first place.

You would think selling your soul would bring a fair price. Hahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!

Tam said...

Did I? Did I really? ;)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh captain.

Better apologize. toot sweet.

Tam mentioned you in dead tree no less.

Captain Capitalism said...

Yes, but I found I get more of a response acting all pitiful and sad and everything.